15 Apps That Make Money On Your Phone (2022)

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With the following top-rated apps, you can make money without any investment. This involves completing simple tasks and milestones. These might only require you to invest your time. You can easily download any of these applications on your Android or iPhone.

Get into the game!

Google Opinion Rewards

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The first one on our list is the Google Opinion Rewards app. With this app, all you need to do is share your two cents on specific products and services. It is not necessary to have used the services or products for your opinion.

This is just like filling out a survey form. The best thing is that you are paid to complete surveys or give opinions; what is better than the monetization of sharing your opinion? Nothing right!

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Airbnb Logo Contest 1

Airbnb app is excellent if you have any spare room or living space that is not in use. It can be a condo or any property to derive monetary value out of it. All you need to do is to list it on the Airbnb app. You do not need to market or promote your listing.

Tourists or visitors can rent out your space, and you can make good money.  You can even make more by offering any additional service to the guests. You can even control hosting dates and set your prices.

Premise App

Premise Logo 1

Here comes one of the leading apps for instant money-making that is UK-based. The app offers you several ways to earn money. Locate the available tasks by pressing the Market Button. Here you will see a section labelled Survey. With the Premise app, you can earn money by filling out surveys. Again, all you need to do is to fill out surveys that pop up many times daily. With Premise, you can also earn through locating or taking a picture of a certain place or building. Plus, you can keep it as a side earning.

Users can redeem payments with a minimum payout of £7. They receive their cash from PayPal. The premise offers easy tasks with generous payouts, making it a reliable choice.

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0013 logo foap click

FOAP is the leading platform for the monetization of photography. Photographers can now sell their work at the best price. Moreover, it allows you to display your work to a global audience. You can even sell an image multiple times. That makes it a perfect opportunity for generating a passive income. FOAP offers a very user-friendly application.

Moreover, your FOAP profile can be used as a photography portfolio. This adds value to your work and online presence. Plus, you can submit your images for special projects on FOAP known as “Missions”.


QMEE Make Money Online 1

Qmee is a leading app for market research and popular surveys that partners with big names to help you earn a passive income.  If you have Qmee, you do not need to do that much. The app keeps notifying you when new surveys are uploaded, it merely takes 4-5 minutes to complete a survey, and you earn 20p for every Survey you complete.

The main motive of this app is to assess user behaviour and use it for market research. Qmee tries to engage its users by maintaining a daily streak. You can keep it by taking a minimum of one Survey a day. It will run on its own, and you will make some good money.

AirTime Rewards

airtime rewards 1

Airtime Rewards is a unique way to earn rewards points for your everyday spending. It’s a UK-based rewards programme that members can use to get rewarded for every purchase they make.

With Airtime Rewards, you can earn rewards points every day for every purchase you make – whether it’s a gift card, a coffee or a gym membership.

You can use your points to get a free ride, free money or even a free flight.

Not only that, but Airtime Rewards also provides various other benefits like cashback, loyalty points and more.

You can earn rewards points for every purchase you make – whether it’s a gift card, a coffee or a gym membership.

And, that’s not all. With an Airtime Rewards account, you can also get a cashback incentive on your everyday spending.

Field Agent

FieldAgentLogo 1

Field Agent is an app that offers people the option to be an Agent. As an agent, you can look for tasks in your local area to complete and make money in return. You can complete surveys, store audits and mystery shopping to earn cash.

An excellent option for those who like to get about and earn money at the same time. Usually, Field Agent will pay you for items you’re expected to purchase and the bonus for completing the job. Very fun app to use!


Roamler horizontal blackText 2

Roamler is an app that allows you to earn money by searching for tasks. You will have access to all of the local tasks that others assign to you. This app is a mystery shopping and product/service check but you can also do much more.

If you are a professional in a certain field, you will also be able to earn much more money for completing technical tasks for others.

Be My Eyes App

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Another market research app on the list takes a different approach. With the Be My Eyes app, you need to complete easy missions and tasks in your locality. All you need to do is to visit stores. You need to check if they have a particular product or not. If they have, click a few pictures of that product.

When you start your journey with Be My Eye, you will need to complete a task. This is to check the quality and other aspects.

Be My Eyes will reward you as you complete a mission or task. The reward will be in the form of points. You can later redeem these points to your PayPal.

Swag Bucks

logo 1 1

Swagbucks is a rewards program where you earn points for doing everyday things like watching videos, taking surveys, shopping online, watching videos, and more. This includes browsing, online shopping, watching videos, and completing quick polls. Plus, you fill in online surveys and play fun games. For all these tasks, Swag Bucks will award you points. And best of all, it’s free to join!

This includes browsing, online shopping, watching videos, and completing quick polls. Plus, you fill in online surveys and play fun games. For all these tasks, Swag Bucks will award you points. And best of all, it’s free to join!

Later on, you can redeem these reward points into cash, gift cards, and merchandise. How cool is that! You will need a PayPal account for this.

Simply register with Swag Bucks through your Facebook or email address and start earning now.

Task Rabbit

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This one is somewhat different from other apps on the list. Task Rabbit was a UK exclusive app for most of its initial years. Now, it is available in various countries. On Task Rabbit, you find easy daily basis errands to complete for people. It is good to get yourself moving. With Task Rabbit, you will become a tasker.

You will find a good range of tasks. It can range from cleaning to fixing anything. If you have apt skills, you can complete tasks such as anything related to electrical or even plumbing.

Honey Gain

Honeygain Logo And Slogan 1

Here comes an app that takes a different approach to money-making. Usually, people rent out their place or processions. However, with the Honey Gain app, you can rent out your internet bandwidth. However, you rent your additional or unused bandwidth. It will not cost you any extra.

This bandwidth is used for market research. In this way, you earn a reasonably good passive income.

You can get paid in bitcoin if that’s something you are interested in!

Ipsos Isay

I Say panel logo

Isay is another survey website where you can make some good money. Once you complete the surveys you can choose from rewards from Tesco, Argos, Amazon or prepaid MasterCard.

You can also try new products that have recently been released or participate in online discussion boards and communities.


sweatcoin logo vector

SweatCoin is one of our favourite apps, not only can you make money by completing exercises you also can improve your fitness.

Every step you make means that you can convert them into currency to spend on cool products, services and charities.

If you’re wondering how they can afford it, SweatCoin is partnered with 300 + brands.

The InboxPounds App

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InboxPounds has a pretty straightforward structure. Users that join up can engage in a range of online earning tasks.

These tasks may involve doing searches, watching clips, and filling out surveys. Users of InboxPounds may also get compensated for completing online shopping or reading emails.

Known brands pay InboxPounds for honest user feedback, and InboxPounds pays you in cash or gift cards. The app compensates you using PayPal, gift cards redeemable, or transfer cashback directly to your account.

All these applications provide a legit way to make money. You can even use most of these apps simultaneously to create a set stream of income.

Let us know how we did and if you think we should knock the top 15 apps from the list for better ones!



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