Best Caravan Solar Panel Kit UK (Top 10): Go Solar, Go Far

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When it comes to caravanning in this modern age, the marriage of convenience and environmental consideration has never been more prominent. It’s more than just power; these solar panel kits are where technology and nature intersect harmoniously.

Think of state-of-the-art solar cells capturing the sun’s rays, efficient power inverters transforming that sunlight into energy, and sleek, durable panels designed for the unpredictable British weather.

Beyond their utility, these kits whisper tales of moonlit nights powered by the daytime sun, of kettles boiling without a mains hookup, and the freedom to explore the furthest reaches of our beautiful isles, all while treading lightly upon them. Navigate the roads with a commitment to both the environment and exceptional craftsmanship. Let’s get into the Best Caravan Solar Panel Kit UK.

Best Caravan Solar Panel Kit UK: By Category

Eco-Worthy is our best overall caravan solar panel due to its durable materials, consistent performance and diverse product range. All are backed by competitive pricing and a commitment to sustainability.

best overall
ECO-WORTHY Solar Panel Kit
Efficient & Quality
Check Price
High Efficiency
Durable Construction
Weather Resistance
Multiple Protection
Compatibility with Multiple Batteries
Comprehensive Kit
Instructions Could Be Better For Setup
Best portable
AFERIY Potable Solar Panel Kit
Lightweight & Portable
Check Price
High Efficiency
Safety Certifications
May Not Hit 200W Advertised
best foldable
Voltset Foldable Solar Panel
Check Price
High Conversion
Robust Build
ETFE Material
Multiple Protection Mechanisms
Integrated Handles
Poor Quality KickStand

How To Choose The Best Caravan Solar Panel Kit For You

How To Choose The Best Caravan Solar Panel Kit For You 2 1

Solar energy is an eco-friendly way for caravan owners to sustain their electrical appliances during their caravan adventures. With the upsurge in solar power, choosing the best caravan solar panel kit can be a daunting task. Here’s an in-depth guide:

Power Needs

  • Measure your daily energy consumption by taking stock of every electrical appliance and device you intend to use in your caravan. Check out the caravan solar panel calculator to determine your requirements.
  • Based on this, determine the power output you’d require from your solar panels. For instance, a 100w panel can be optimal for smaller caravans but may not suffice for larger ones with more appliances.

Panel Type and Efficiency

  • Monocrystalline solar panels: These have a single solar cell structure, yielding a higher efficiency. Their longevity and effectiveness make them a popular choice, even though they might be pricier.
  • Polycrystalline solar panels: Comprise multiple solar cells, are generally cheaper but slightly less efficient. Their blue hue distinguishes them, and they perform best in direct sunlight conditions.
  • Flexible panels: These lightweight and flexible solar panels are ideal for uneven caravan roofs or those with limited space. They can also be rolled up and stored when not in use, making them perfect for temporary setups.

Size and Space: Consider the size of the solar panel kit against your caravan’s roof size. Panels should get maximum direct sunlight without overshadowing.

A handy tip: Use a cardboard cutout to simulate the panel size on your caravan roof before purchase.


  • For caravan adventures especially during winter months, it’s vital to have panels resistant to harsh weather conditions.
  • Check for high-quality materials and a 1-year warranty or more. Some panels also come with anti-reflective coatings to improve efficiency and resistance against dirt and grime.

Battery and Charge Controller

  • Your caravan battery is crucial. A 12v battery is common but newer lithium batteries offer more cycles and longer lifespans, but ensure its battery capacity matches your consumption.
  • An MPPT charge controller is a smart choice, as it optimises the usable energy from the solar cells to your battery, ensuring efficient charging. It also extends battery life by preventing overcharging and deep discharges.


  • Portable solar panels or foldable solar panels can be adjusted to face direct sunlight, whereas rigid solar panels are permanently fixed using mounting brackets.
  • Rigid solar panels are durable and can withstand the elements better. They are permanently fixed using mounting brackets, ensuring stability during travels.

Additional Aspects

  • Weather Conditions: Some advanced panels come with anti-shade technology, ensuring they perform efficiently even on cloudy days or in partial shade.
  • Motorhome Compatibility: For those who also own a motorhome, look for versatile kits that can be used interchangeably.
  • Eco Impact: Solar kits reduce your carbon footprint, but it’s good to confirm that the manufacturing process is also eco-friendly.

Installation and Kit Components

  • Some solar panel kits offer pre-drilled holes and complete kits for easier setup.
  • Good value kits will often include essential components like a solar charge controller, power bank, and even protection against short circuit incidents.

Best Caravan Solar Panel Kit UK (Top 10)

1. ECO-WORTHY Solar Panel Kit

ECO-WORTHY Solar Panel Kit
Eco-Worthy Kit
  • High Efficiency
  • Durable Construction
  • Weather Resistance
  • Multiple Protection Mechanisms
  • Compatibility with Multiple Batteries
  • Comprehensive Kit
  • Instructions Could Be Better For Setup

The ECO-WORTHY 120W Solar Panel Kit provides a sturdy and all-inclusive answer to off-grid energy requirements. Built with high-efficiency monocrystalline silicon, it promises optimal energy harnessing, especially given its ability to generate a commendable 500Wh power in just 4 hours of direct sunlight.

Eco Worthy For Multiple Battery Types 1

Many opt for it when considering options for their caravans, motorhomes, boats, sheds, and trailers.

The panel’s hardiness, due to its aluminium structure and toughened glass, not only guarantees longevity but is also crafted to confront extreme weather challenges.

This is evident from its IP66 water-resistant rating and ability to stand firm against gusty winds and weighty snowfalls.

With a 30A solar charge controller integrated into the kit, equipped with diverse safety measures, the integrity of your energy system is assured.

Its compatibility with multiple battery variants and the inclusion of all vital installation accessories further amplifies its adaptability.

2. AFERIY Potable Solar Panel Kit

AFERIY Potable Solar Panel Kit
Aferiy Kit
  • Portability
  • High Efficiency
  • Durability
  • Adjustability
  • Safety Certifications
  • May Not Hit 200W Advertised

With the introduction of the AFERIY 200W 18V Portable Solar Panel Kit, the landscape of portable power solutions has been notably enhanced. The most evident feature is its portability; not only is it foldable, but its lightweight construct (just 4.5 kg) combined with a convenient handle makes transportation a breeze, ideal for those spontaneous camping or garden outings.

Aferiy Portable Solar Panels 1

Utilising both monocrystalline silicon and the latest MWT technology, the panel’s conversion efficiency peaks at 23%, highlighting its optimal performance in hotter settings.

With its ability to cater to contemporary needs, the solar panel’s four output ports can efficiently charge devices like mobile phones.

Durability isn’t compromised either, with IP65 waterproofing and a sturdy Oxford cloth exterior that resists dirt and damage. The adjustable supports for optimal sunlight capture are a thoughtful touch.

They seal the deal with a generous 36-month warranty, AFERIY clearly stands behind their product.

3. Renogy Solar Panel Kit

Renogy 100W Solar Panel Kit 1
Renogy Kit
  • High Efficiency
  • Safety Features
  • Expandability
  • Bluetooth Monitoring
  • Durable Housing
  • Initial Setup

With a focus on off-grid journeys, Renogy’s 100W Solar Panel Kit emerges as a state-of-the-art, efficient energy alternative. With a commendable 22% efficiency rate, the monocrystalline panel guarantees superior energy capture, even under diminished lighting, courtesy of its bypass diodes.

Renogy Wiring Diagram 1

Reliability is at the forefront, evidenced by the EL-tested modules and a corrosion-resistant aluminium frame, which promises longevity.

The charge controller’s four-stage battery charging process is commendable, supporting Sealed, Gel, Flooded, and Lithium batteries.

Plus, with Bluetooth-enabled remote monitoring via Renogy DC Home, system oversight is intuitive and convenient.

Always check what is included with the kit as some additional equipment can improve the experience.

With an emphasis on safety, the kit is adeptly fortified with multiple electronic defence measures, prominently against overcharging and short-circuit events.

Expansion prospects are an added boon, as the system can grow to 400W if needed. Rounding off, the Renogy Cable Entry Housing, built with resilient ABS plastic, facilitates uncomplicated fitting, rendering this kit ideal for RVs, caravans, or secluded installations.

4. Voltset Foldable Solar Panel

Voltset Foldable Solar Panel
  • High Conversion Efficiency
  • Robust Build
  • ETFE Material
  • Multiple Protection Mechanisms
  • Integrated Handles
  • Poor Quality KickStand

Highlighting the zenith of design and function, the Voltset 100W Foldable Solar Panel shines in the portable energy sector. Immediately striking is its high conversion efficiency, attributable to its Japanese-imported ETFE material.

Voltset MPPT Charger Controller 1

This material, boasting a remarkable 95% light transmission rate, ensures a 30% enhanced photoelectric conversion, making the panel highly efficient in energy harnessing.

Moreover, the integration of smart MPPT technology further amplifies its efficacy, collecting 30% more energy than conventional PWM controllers.

Emphasising portability, the panel’s design — both light and easy to fold — caters expertly to camping enthusiasts, hikers, and RV travellers.

The robustness is commendable too.

The anti-corrosion aluminium alloy frame coupled with an IP65 waterproof rating ensures its resilience against harsh climatic conditions.

The installation process stands out due to its simplicity and with its adjustable, relatively durable brackets, it captures sunlight efficiently. Its compatibility with the majority of generators only adds to its versatility making this one of the best caravan solar panel kits on the UK market.

5. Xinpuguang Off-Grid Solar Panel Kit

XINPUGUANG Off Grid Solar Panel Kit 1
  • Advanced Technology
  • Enhanced Safety Features
  • Wide Application
  • Durable Lamination
  • Partial Shade Tolerance
  • Control Unit Could Be Better

Within the realm of solar energy, the XINPUGUANG 200W Off-Grid Solar Panel Kit certainly makes a distinctive mark. Comprising two 100W flexible solar panels, it boasts monocrystalline silicon cells which guarantee excellent performance even in suboptimal lighting conditions.

Xinpuguang Solar Panel Uses 1

A particular boon for those with unconventional surfaces, its adaptability to curve ensures it fits perfectly on RVs, boats, or even caravan alcoves.

Designed with endurance in mind, the product can bravely face high winds, freezing temperatures, and snowy conditions.

Its junction box, fitted with a diode, adds an extra layer of protection against reverse charging.

The installation process is straightforward, aided by the grommet at each corner and various cables provided

A standout feature is the 20A dual USB controller which ensures efficient and safe battery charging. Summarising, the XINPUGUANG solar package impresses with its trifecta of adaptability, robust performance, and unwavering dependability, placing it in the limelight for those desiring portable renewable energy.

6. Lowenergie Solar Panel Battery Charging Kit

Lowenergie Solar Panel Battery Charging Kit
  • Energy Security
  • Mobile Power Source
  • Enhanced Safety
  • Performance in Overcast Conditions
  • Wide Compatibility
  • Line Fuse and Adhesive Not Included

Catering to a wide variety of needs, the LOWENERGIE 150W Mono Solar Panel boasts a streamlined design and optimal energy output. The monocrystalline silicon makeup was notable, especially when considering its performance in reduced light, in contrast to its polycrystalline rivals. This essentially ensures a steadier energy output during overcast conditions.

The product’s 10-year power output warranty, ensuring 90% efficiency for the first decade and an impressive 80% for up to 25 years, instils confidence in its longevity. The lightweight design complemented by the sturdy aluminium frame is not only modern in aesthetic but also promises durability.

Featuring a 20A PWM Solar Charge Controller with a USB port is a notable advantage, offering varied charging options. Primarily tailored for sheds, boats, and caravans, its capability also spans off-grid energy solutions for petite edifices, highlighting its multifaceted nature.

7. Dokio Foldable Solar Panel Kit

Dokio Foldable Solar Panel Kit
  • Practical Design
  • Versatile Charging Options
  • Highly Certified
  • Plug and Play System
  • Highly Efficient Cell
  • Fragile Construction

The DOKIO 100W 12V Foldable Solar Panel Kit is Crafted from high-efficiency monocrystalline silicon, its compact dimensions (73 x 54 x 1.2 cm) and lightweight nature (a mere 2.7 kg) make it a breeze to handle and transport.

Dokio Dolar Panel Caravan 1

It’s impressive how this model manages to pack a punch with 100W power, despite being just 1.2cm thick.

The comprehensive kit inclusive of a 10A Controller and a variety of cables and adapters, ensures that setting up is as seamless as it gets.

Notably, the impressive high conversion efficiency guarantees optimal power delivery despite its diminutive dimensions.

Its foldability paired with a protective fabric pocket and a practical handle denotes a thoughtful design aimed at user convenience.

Add to this the safety features, like overcharging and short-circuit protection, and it’s evident that DOKIO hasn’t compromised on ensuring user safety.

8. Powoxi Portable Solar Panel Kit

Powoxi Portable Solar Kit
  • High Conversion Efficiency
  • Waterproof and Durable
  • Portable Design
  • Advanced Charging Controller
  • Versatile Compatibility
  • Cords Look Cheap
  • Stand Quality

The POWOXI 120W Portable Solar Panel Kit impresses with a high conversion efficiency of 25%, courtesy of its top-grade monocrystalline solar cells, ensuring speedy charging that adventurers and travellers will surely appreciate.

Powoxi built In Chip

Weighing only 7.7 pounds and equipped with a rubber handle, its portability is unparalleled, ensuring ease during transport and storage.

The POWOXI 120W Solar Panel Kit not only offers IP65 waterproof capabilities but also comes encased in tough Oxford fabric, a top choice for external activities.

Topping off its features is the 2022 Intelligent Controller which not only refines the charging experience but also brings critical safety functions to the forefront. With the added protection of a built-in IC smart chip, you can use the product with confidence.

Thanks to its diverse adapters, it can effortlessly pair with an extensive array of devices, be it portable generators or laptops.

9. SARONIC Solar Panel Kit

SARONIC Solar Panel Kit 1
  • Broad Compatibility
  • Easy Installation
  • Protection Against Overcharging
  • Tested Quality
  • High Efficiency
  • Power Output Can Be Affected By Cloudy Weather

SARONIC is a high-efficiency monocrystalline module that promises consistent and reliable power, producing a commendable average of 500Wh daily, depending on sunlight exposure.

Saronic Details 1

The standout attribute is undoubtedly its featherweight and streamlined design, ensuring both easy portability and a hassle-free installation experience.

This is further aided by its versatile compatibility with a range of mounting options. Durability takes centre stage with its corrosion-defiant aluminium chassis and reinforced glass surface.

Marking it as a product built to last through varying weather scenarios. Its impressive energy conversion rate of up to 23% showcases its premium quality.

With SARONIC’s assurance through a notable warranty and dedicated customer assistance, it emerges as a reliable, enduring, and proficient choice for solar enthusiasts.

10. Topsolar Solar Panel Kit

Topsolar Solar Panel Kit
  • Adaptability
  • High Efficiency
  • Multiple Protection
  • Clear Documentation
  • Space-Efficient
  • Fixing Screws Poor Quality

Topsolar Solar Panel Kit With its high-efficiency monocrystalline solar cell construction, it guarantees optimal power conversion even in low-light conditions.

TopSolar Controller 1

Engineered for longevity, its anti-corrosion aluminium composition and robust glass surface equip the kit to confront challenging weather, from high-speed winds to loaded snow cover.

The integration of a 30A PWM charge controller offers a preventive measure against overcharging and related complications.

The pre-made holes and the included Z-brackets facilitate a smooth installation experience for users.

Frequently Asked Questions For Caravan Solar Panel Kits

Frequently Asked Questions For Caravan Solar Panel Kits 1

Benefits Of Adding a Solar Panel To Your Caravan

Self-Sufficiency: Through solar panels, you have the capability to craft your own power, decreasing your reliance on external electrical supplies.

Economic Benefits: Over a period, they can result in marked cutbacks on electricity expenditures.

Eco-friendly: Solar panels promote green energy, reducing the carbon footprint of your caravan adventures.
Extended Travel: Allows for longer stays in off-grid locations, providing power even in remote areas.
Low Maintenance: Once installed, solar panels require minimal upkeep, ensuring hassle-free usage for years.
Enhanced Battery Lifespan: Properly integrated solar systems can extend the life of your caravan’s battery by preventing excessive discharge

Are Higher-Wattage Solar Panels Better?

When comparing per square foot, high-wattage solar panels offer greater power generation than low-wattage ones. This means that if you have limited roof space, opting for higher-wattage panels can be advantageous as you can generate the desired amount of energy with fewer panels.

But the efficiency of solar panels is not solely dependent on their power; it’s also shaped by their direction, inclination, and where they’re located geographically. It’s essential to consider the optimal placement to achieve maximum efficiency.

How Do I Install A Solar Panel On My Caravan?

Select the Right Panel: Choose a solar panel suitable for your energy needs and caravan size.

Positioning: Find a suitable location on your caravan roof. It should be free from any obstructions and shadows for maximum sunlight exposure.

Mounting: Use brackets and screws to securely mount the solar panel to the caravan roof. Ensure the brackets are properly sealed to prevent leaks.

Wiring: Route the solar panel cables through the caravan’s roof, preferably using a gland to ensure a waterproof seal. Connect the cables to a charge controller inside the caravan.

Connect to Battery: From the charge controller, wire the system to your caravan’s battery. This ensures the battery is charged safely and prevents overcharging.

Final Check: Once connected, monitor the solar panel’s performance to ensure it’s charging the battery effectively and the setup is working efficiently

Do Caravan Solar Panels Work In The Winter?

Yes, caravan solar panels do work in the winter. However, their efficiency can be affected by factors like shorter daylight hours and the sun’s lower position in the sky. Despite these challenges, they still generate power, albeit less than during sunnier months


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