Best Electric Adjustable Beds UK (Top 5 & Rated)

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In the world of sleep, are you still wrestling with a stubborn mattress, playing tug-of-war with discomfort, or merely jousting with old-fashioned bed designs? It’s time to wave the white flag and welcome the modern era of bedtime bliss with the Top 5 Best Electric Adjustable Beds UK!

These aren’t just slabs of foam awaiting your nightly collapse; they’re intuitive sleep stations designed to conquer any mobility challenges or disabilities with flair and finesse. Equipped with remote controls that respond faster than a wizard’s wand and memory foam mattresses that might make you question whether you’re sleeping or floating, these beds have transformed the battleground of sleep into a luxurious retreat.

Whether you’re seeking support for medical conditions, looking to add some techno-magic to your nighttime routine, or merely wanting to recline like royalty, this guide is your treasure map to sleep satisfaction. Ready to turn your nightly rest into a luxurious adventure? Onward, to the realm of dreams, comfort, and accessibility – all served with a side of whimsy!

Best Electric Adjustable Beds UK: By Category

If you’re racing against the clock and eager to zero in on the crème de la crème of electric beds in each category, then glance below. The best awaits you, no dilly-dallying required!

Breeze Mobility Supreme
Best Overall
Check Prices
25-Year Warranty
Highly Customisable
Health Benefits
Quality Construction
VAT Exemption
Assembly Required
happybeds Electric TV Bed
Happybeds Electric TV Bed
Best Kit
Check Prices
Comfort Focused
Stylish Design
Integration of Entertainment
Additional Storage
Sustainable Construction
Space Requirements
sleepkings Restwell Electric Adjustable Bed
sleepkings Restwell Bed
Best Budget
Check Prices
Quality Construction
Comfortable Sleep
Practical Design
Free Matching Headboard
Multiple Sizes and Colors
Assembly Required

Choosing The Best Electric Adjustable Bed For You

Choosing The Best Electric Adjustable Bed For You 1

When choosing the best adjustable beds, adjustable beds, electric adjustable beds, or lifestyle beds, understanding individual needs and preferences is crucial. Here’s an in-depth look at how these beds can cater to various needs, offering comfort, support, and much more.

Mobility Challenges: How Electric Adjustable Beds Can Address Specific Mobility Issues

Electric adjustable beds are not just about comfort but are designed to cater to specific mobility issues, enhancing ease of access and safety:

  • Ease of Access: Adjustable electric beds, with features like raising or lowering mechanisms, provide ease of getting in and out, making every good night’s sleep painless, especially for those with restricted movement.
  • Customised Positioning: Remote controls allow customized positions, whether it’s a zero-gravity position for ultimate relaxation or personalized angles to relieve joint pain.
  • Enhanced Safety: Side rails, automatic adjustments, and additional support structures such as emergency lowering features in some models offer a wide range of benefits for safety and comfort.

Disability Accommodations: Tailoring Bed Features to Support Various Disabilities

Adjustable beds provide crucial support for various disabilities:

  • Specialised Mattresses: Memory foam mattresses conform to body shape, while pocket-sprung mattresses offer targeted support, accommodating specific needs for spinal injuries or other mobility challenges.
  • Adjustable Support: From head and foot tilting to customizable firmness, these beds provide specialized adjustments for precision care.
  • Accessibility Add-Ons: Voice-activated controls, mobile apps, and easy-to-reach buttons enhance control, offering independence to users.

Health Considerations: Catering to Individual Health Conditions

Health considerations play a significant role in choosing adjustable beds:

  • Back Pain Relief: With precise alignment adjustments, electric adjustable beds offer lumbar support, reducing strain on the back.
  • Pressure Point Alleviation: Features like built-in massage units can help alleviate pressure on sensitive areas, promoting relaxation.
  • Breathing and Circulation: Improved positioning aids blood flow, helps reduce snoring, and can relieve conditions such as sleep apnea.

Exploring Bed Features

Delving into the features of adjustable beds helps ensure an informed decision:

Adjustment Mechanisms: Diving Deep into Remote Controls and Positioning

Modern electric beds offer sophisticated adjustment mechanisms:

  • Remote Controls: Options range from simple remotes to smartphone applications, providing adjustments at your fingertips.
  • Positioning Flexibility: From sitting positions for reading to full recline for rest, the range of customisable positions is virtually limitless.

Mattress Choices: Memory Foam vs. Pocket Springs

Understanding mattress options is key to sleep quality:

  • Memory Foam Mattresses: Conforming to the body’s contours, memory foam provides pressure relief and support.
  • Pocket Spring Mattresses: Independent springs distribute weight evenly, supporting different body parts individually.
  • Hybrid Options: Combining the benefits of both, hybrid mattresses offer versatility and comfort tailored to individual needs.

Size and Style Preferences: From Single to Super King

Size and style matter in fitting the bed to the room and the sleeper:

  • Size Options: Available in sizes ranging from a single bed to super king, including options like single small double double king, these beds suit various room dimensions and user needs.
  • Style Variations: Modern adjustable electric beds come in different styles, such as wood finishes, sleek metal designs, or upholstered looks, turning the bed into a style statement.

Best Adjustable Electric Bed UK (Top 5)

1. Breeze Mobility Supreme Electric Adjustable Bed

Breeze Mobility Supreme Electric Adjustable Bed with Headboard & Footend
Breeze Mobility Supreme
  • 25-Year Warranty
  • Highly Customisable
  • Health Benefits
  • Quality Construction
  • VAT Exemption
  • Assembly Required

Ah, the Breeze Mobility Supreme Electric Adjustable Bed – the Rolls Royce of sleeping, minus the car payment. With the whisper of a high-quality German car and the comfort of a cloud, it’s the bed that redefines slumber.


Sporting a 25-year warranty (longer than most friendships), this bed’s High Grade 3 Layered Memory Foam Mattress is like a firm handshake from your mattress, welcoming you nightly. No creaking, just sweet dreams.

The colour options are Cream, Chocolate, or Shark Grey – so chic that even your cat will approve.

The 10 Point Massage? That’s right, now you can invite a masseuse to your bedroom without raising any eyebrows.

Suffer from arthritis, back pain, or just a bad day? This bed doesn’t discriminate. It offers improved posture, breathing, and a break from life. It’s like a vacation in your bedroom, minus the sand everywhere.

At a weight capacity of 21st (133kg), it’ll hold you and your secrets, all without judgment. And if you’re not into assembling furniture, worry not! The professionals can put it together while you supervise with a cup of tea.

2. BackCareBeds Majestic Twin Electric Adjustable Bed

Majestic TWIN Electric Adjustable Bed
BackCareBeds Majestic
  • Adjustable Comfort
  • Memory Foam Mattress Included
  • Quality at Competitive Pricing
  • Variety of Upgrades and Extras
  • VAT Exemption for Chronic Illness
  • Complex Upgrade Options

The Majestic Electric Adjustable Bed by Backcarebeds doesn’t just join the ranks of adjustable beds; it rules over them with a blend of style, comfort, and adaptability that could only be described as, well, majestic.

The bed is designed to cater to individual preferences and needs and is available in three different sizes (Twin, King, Super King) and eight alluring colours.


German engineering takes centre stage with powerful whisper-quiet motors and easy-to-operate hand controls, adjusting the neck, back, upper leg, and feet sections.

The standard version is designed for users up to 18st (115kg), but there’s an upgrade available for heavier users.

The memory foam mattress is a highlight, featuring an 8-inch thick construction with enhanced high-density polyurethane foam and a memory foam top layer.

In the grand chamber of sleep comfort, this construction acts like a royal decree, banishing unruly pressure points to ensure peaceful slumber for its subjects.

Majestic Twin details 2 1

With an entourage of upgrade options such as aristocratic headboard choices, well-mannered braked castors, and stately storage drawers, this bed doesn’t just rest on its laurels; it builds a veritable sleep empire.

And let’s not overlook the king’s ransom of quality – the manufacturer’s emphasis on delivering the crown jewels of beds at mere commoner’s prices.

It’s like a feast for budget-conscious subjects who want to sleep royally but pay democratically. Now that’s a bedchamber coup d’état!

Of note is the VAT relief available for those with chronic illnesses like Asthma, Arthritis, and Osteoporosis, adding a health-conscious dimension to this product.

3. DE RUCCI Motor bed

DE RUCCI Motor bed
  • Customised Comfort
  • High-Quality Mattress
  • Back Support
  • Convenience
  • Value for Money
  • Customer Support
  • Aesthetic Choices

The DE RUCCI Motor Bed Model 209E Riva is your ticket to a luxurious slumber wonderland without costing you a royal fortune. Think of it as an all-access pass to premium relaxation, wrapped in anthracite.


The bed’s centrepiece, the RIVA electric function, is akin to an in-house spa treatment.

With two individual mattresses and motors, you and your partner can customize your comfort.

Whether it’s elevating tired legs after a taxing day or finding the perfect angle for your late-night reading session, a mere touch of a button does the trick.

But let’s talk about the mattress M212F90. It’s not just a mattress; it’s a personal comfort sanctuary. Specially developed for motorized adjustable beds, its unique ventilation structure is like a cool breeze on a hot night, or perhaps more aptly, a high-end air conditioning system for your body.

The high-quality luxury appeal is more than skin-deep. This bed is designed to pamper your back through various sleeping positions. Imagine a gentle chiropractor working overtime to ensure your spine’s happiness, and you get the idea.

Support doesn’t end there. DE RUCCI offers assistance Mon-Fri 10:30-18:30 and Sat 11-18 at a dedicated number. Inquiries about color coordination with your bedroom decor? They’ve got your back.

Offering the best value for money with a two-year guarantee on the bed motor, DE RUCCI’s Motor Bed Model 209E Riva combines aesthetic pleasure with tangible comfort.

4. Sleepkings Restwell Electric Adjustable Bed

sleepkings Restwell Electric Adjustable Bed
  • Quality Construction
  • Comfortable Sleep
  • Practical Design
  • Free Matching Headboard
  • Multiple Sizes and Colors
  • Versatility
  • Assembly Required

Sleepkings takes the ordinary adjustable bed and elevates it into a realm of modern comfort with the Restwell Electric Adjustable Bed, complete with an 8-inch memory foam mattress. Wrapped in luxurious charcoal grey chenille fabric, it’s more than just a place to rest your weary head.

With its high-tech German motor, it can lift up to 25 stones, reassuring those concerned about durability. But it’s the subtle touches that make this bed an enticing proposition.

The wired remote that cleverly plugs into the side of the base means it won’t wander off in the middle of the night. A foot-end stop bar to keep the mattress firmly in place? Ingeniously simple! Six-button controllers giving you dominion over every conceivable sleeping, sitting, or lounging position? It’s like having a throne that obeys your every command.

The memory foam mattress, infused with cooling gel, seems to understand where you ache, providing relief just where it’s needed. Snoring and acid reflux don’t stand a chance with this thoughtful design.

Yet, it’s not just about functionality; style hasn’t been forgotten. The free matching headboard and various size and color options ensure that you don’t have to choose between form and function.

Despite its notable features, some might find the assembly daunting or be affected by the postcode exclusions. Still, the overall appeal of the Restwell Electric Adjustable Bed makes it an attractive investment for comfort-seekers.

5. Happybeds Electric TV Bed

happybeds Electric TV Bed
  • Comfort Focused
  • Stylish Design
  • Integration of Entertainment
  • Additional Storage
  • Sustainable Construction
  • Space Requirements

Whoever said that bedrooms were only for sleeping hasn’t met the Lannister Light Grey Electric TV Bed by Happy Beds. The super king-sized marvel brings the cinema experience straight to your bedroom. Compatible with slimline LED TVs ranging from 20″ to 43″, it caters to modern tastes without a hint of clunkiness.

With the convenience of a remote control, the TV lift effortlessly elevates your entertainment, almost as if by magic.

happybeds tv view 1

Not just a tech lover’s dream, the bed’s aesthetics are also striking. With the stylish and contemporary headend adorned with button effects, it’s tailored to impress.

Choose between slate grey and light grey linen finishes to match your room’s ambience, or perhaps to inspire a new one.

But it’s not all about style and tech gimmicks. The Lannister cares about your comfort too.

A sprung slatted base supports your choice of mattress, which could be anything from orthopaedic to memory foam.

And let’s not overlook that nifty side compartment; it’s as if Happy Beds knew you’d need a place for that gaming console or Sky Box.

Crafted from sustainable wood and conforming to BS EN standards, this TV Bed isn’t just a piece of furniture; it’s an experience, merging the contemporary with the comfortable, the stylish with the sensible. If you’re looking to redefine bedtime, the Happy Beds Lannister Light Grey Electric TV Bed might just be your next favourite chill spot.


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