Best Fence Paint UK: Elevate Your Outdoor Aesthetic Effortlessly

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Ah, the great British fence! It stands proudly in gardens across the UK, braving the elements and keeping your outdoor sanctuary private and secure. But let’s be honest, even the most stoic of fences could use a little sprucing up now and then. That’s where we come in, bringing you the best fence paint in the UK.

Welcome, dear reader, to our fantastic voyage into the world of best fence paints! We’re here to help you transform your tired-looking fence into a dazzling display of colour and durability. From the Cotswolds to Cornwall and from London to Leeds, we’ve searched high and low for the best fence paint available in the UK market.

So, grab your paintbrush, put on some old clothes, and prepare to be dazzled as we unveil the top contenders to give your garden fence the royal treatment it deserves.

Summary Of Best Fence Paint UK

Best Overall Fence Paint: Water Based Shed and Fence Paint

Best Budget Fence Paint: Ronseal Fence Life Plus Paint

Best For Amount Of Colour Options: Johnstone’s Garden Colours Exterior Wood Paint

Best Paint For Security: Blackfriar Anti Climb and Anti Vandal Paint

What Is Fence Paint?

What Is Fence Paint 1

Fence paint, the magical elixir that breathes new life into your garden boundaries! This specially crafted concoction is designed to protect and enhance the appearance of your new wooden fence or metal fence. Not only does it infuse vibrant colors and personality into your outdoor oasis, but it also serves as a sturdy barrier against various elements such as rain, sun, and those uninvited creepy-crawlies that aspire to call your fence home.

When selecting the perfect fence paint, you’ll find options that offer water-repellent properties, UV protection, and even mold and mildew resistance. These features work together to extend the lifespan of your fence while keeping it looking fabulous for years to come.

So, when your eyes wander to your fence and visions of a garden metamorphosis fill your mind, know that fence paint is standing by like a valiant knight, ready to transform your fence into a stunning and durable centerpiece for your outdoor haven. Embrace the magic of fence paint and let your garden dreams flourish!

Best Fence Paint

1. Water Based Shed and Fence Paint

Water Based Shed and Fence Paint
Shed and Fence Paint
  • Quick-drying formula
  • Excellent coverage
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Versatile application
  • Included brush
  • Colour batches may vary

Are you tired of your garden shed and fence looking dull and weathered? Look no further, as UK PAINT has come to the rescue with their Water Based Shed and Fence Paint colour in Dark Grey fence paint. This 20-litre wonder offers a matte finish that adds a touch of sophistication to your outdoor space.

Fence Paint

This revolutionary product provides excellent coverage, with up to 15 square metres per litre, depending on how much paint is on the surface. That means a single 20-litre container can cover up to 8 fence panels (6′ x 5′). The fence paint water based formula ensures a quick drying time, with the paint being touched dry within just 1-2 hours.

Not only is this paint easy to apply, but it’s also built to last. It’s tough, durable, and offers excellent colour retention, keeping your shed and fence looking fresh and vibrant for longer. The added benefits of water repellency and frost protection give you peace of mind that your wooden surfaces are well protected from the elements.

UK PAINT’s environmentally friendly formula makes it perfect for both brushing and spraying applications. Plus, they even include a brush with your purchase! The paint is designed to work seamlessly on previously painted surfaces, making it a versatile choice for your garden projects. This is one of the best fence paints on the UK market!

2. Johnstone’s Garden Colours Exterior Wood Paint

Johnstone’s Garden Colours Exterior Wood Paint
Johnstones Garden Colours
  • Fade-resistant
  • Quick-drying
  • Excellent coverage
  • Easy to apply
  • Versatile
  • Eco-friendly
  • Preparation required

Johnstone’s Garden Colours in Night Shore is a fade-resistant and rich exterior wood paint that offers long-lasting protection for up to 4 years.

Johnstones Paint 1

This easy-to-apply, water-based paint delivers a smooth and even finish while preserving the natural grain of the wood.

With an impressive 12m² coverage per litre, you can transform your outdoor space with just only one coat and 1L can.

Plus, the quick-drying formula means your paint will touch dry within just 2 hours, letting you enjoy your refreshed garden in no time.

Johnstone’s Garden Colours is suitable for a wide range of outdoor furniture, including sheds, fences, arbours, summer houses, trellis, tables, and chairs. When dry, it is harmless to plants and animals, making it an eco-friendly choice for your garden.

Available in the sophisticated Night Shore colour and many more options, this exterior wood paint will give your garden fence a standout look with real impact and a great choice compared to other fence paints.

With the wide array of color choices available for this fence paint, you can concentrate on selecting a hue that reflects your personal preference, taste and style.

3. Ronseal Fence Life Plus Paint

Ronseal Life Plus Paint 1
Ronseal Fence Life Plus
  • Long-lasting protection
  • All-weather and UV protection
  • Versatile application
  • Sticks to damp wood
  • Trusted brand
  • Size options

Transform your garden with Ronseal’s RSLFLPPMO5L Fence Life Plus Paint in Medium Oak, a top-quality option for rough sawn wood and smooth-planed sheds and fences. This 5-litre paint offers impressive 5-year protection, ensuring your wooden surfaces stay looking fresh and well-maintained for years to come.

ronseal fence life plus teal fence

Designed to provide all-weather and UV protection, this long-lasting paint helps maintain the vibrancy of the Medium Oak colour, even when exposed to harsh conditions.

The versatile Fence Life Plus+ can be applied either by spray or brush, allowing you to choose the method that best suits your needs.

When buying fence paint you have many colours to choose from depending on the look of your garden.

One of the standout features of this paint is its ability to stick to damp wood, making the application process even more convenient.

Ronseal fence paint dedication to customer feedback and innovation ensures that its products meet the highest standards, making the RSLFLPPMO5L Fence Life Plus Paint a reliable choice for your outdoor wood surfaces.

4. Cuprinol 5-year Ducksback Shed & Fence Paint

Cuprinol 5 year Ducksback Shed & Fence Paint
Cuprinol Ducksback Paint
  • Long-lasting protection
  • Quick drying
  • Low odour
  • Safe to use
  • Excellent coverage
  • Beautiful colour
  • Compatibility
  • Recoating window

Cuprinol 5-Year Ducksback in Autumn Gold is an exceptional product for those who seek to protect their wooden garden fences or sheds while also providing them with an attractive colour. The advanced, wax-enriched formulation colours and weatherproof rough-sawn garden wood for up to 5 years, make it an excellent investment for maintaining fences and sheds in good condition.

Cuprinol 1

One of the most significant features of this product is that it becomes showerproof in just 1 hour, ensuring that rain won’t wash off the colour and protection.

This makes it a reliable choice for outdoor wood treatment projects. You can pick from 6 different colours to suit the needs and requirements of your own garden.

With coverage of up to 30 square meters per 5-litre can, Cuprinol fence paint 5-Year Ducksback offers excellent value for money. Additionally, its quick-drying, low odour and safe application around plants and pets make it a versatile option for any outdoor project.

Suitable for use on wood surfaces, this product is compatible with water, oil, and solvent-based wood preservers. The Autumn Gold shade is particularly eye-catching, offering a warm, rich tone that will complement any outdoor space beautifully.

5. Landlords Fence Paint and Garden Shed Paint

Landlords Paint
Landlords Shed Paint
  • Colour Options
  • Versatile use
  • Waterproof and UV resistant
  • Quick-drying
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Premium quality
  • Surface Preparation

Transform your garden with the Landlords Fence and Garden Shed Paint, a versatile and eco-friendly option for all your outdoor painting needs.

Landlord Paint

This paint is designed for various surfaces, including wood, brick, terracotta, concrete, and stone, making it perfect for fences, sheds, garden arches, wooden benches, and patio furniture.

Landlords’ premium quality paint is quick-drying and wax-enriched, providing long-lasting protection and a rich colour that allows the natural texture of the wood grain to shine through.

This waterproof outdoor paint repels rainwater and offers UV resistance, ensuring your garden furniture is protected from harsh environmental elements.

Sustainably produced, Landlords Paints is committed to creating beautiful, non-toxic paint that doesn’t harm people or the environment. With great coverage and quick drying time, this Classic Grey paint is perfect for a small DIY project that leaves a lasting impact.

6. King of Paints Fence and Shed Paint

king of Paints Light Grey Fence and Shed Paint
King Of Paints Ultimate
  • One coat system
  • Versatile application
  • Quick rainproofing
  • Long-lasting protection
  • Suitable for various surfaces
  • Limited colour options

Elevate your garden’s appearance with King of Paints Light Grey Fence and Shed Paint, a premium quality enamel paint that offers long-lasting protection for your exterior wood surfaces. This 5-litre paint provides coverage of 5 to 7m² per litre, making it an efficient choice for your outdoor projects.

King Of Paints 1

The one coat system saves you time and money while delivering a fresh, modern, and clean look. Your less likely to need a second coat of fence paint.

This paint is easy to apply with a roller, brush, or sprayer, ensuring a smooth and even finish.

King of Paints Fence and Shed paint is 100% rainproof in just an hour, providing exceptional protection from rain, frost, and snow.

Ideal for both rough-sawn and smooth-planed sheds and fences, this paint helps prevent rotting and extends the lifespan of your wooden surfaces by years. With its low odour and easy-to-clean formula, King of Paints Light Grey Fence Paint is a convenient and reliable choice for your exterior surfaces.

7. Wilko Garden Colour Woodland Oak Exterior Paint

wilko Garden Colour Woodland Oak Exterior Paint 1
Wilko Garden Exterior Paint
  • All-weather protection
  • Versatile usage
  • Long-lasting
  • Quick drying
  • Good coverage
  • Aesthetic appeal
  • Possible variations in coverage

The Wilko Garden Colour Woodland Oak Exterior Paint is a water-based, all-weather protective paint designed for garden timber, primed metal, and prepared masonry surfaces. Is a good choice for metal fence paint and great for rough timber. This 5-liter pack provides excellent coverage and is suitable for a variety of surfaces in the garden, including stone, brick, wood, and terracotta.

Wilko 1

One of the main advantages of this good fence paint is its long-lasting protection. It offers a hard-wearing colour fence paint that can last up to 5 years, making it ideal for outdoor surfaces.

The Woodland Oak colour adds a beautiful, natural touch to your garden furniture and structures.

The paint provides fast results, with a touch-dry finish in just 2 hours, making it suitable for a quick paint job.

A 5-liter can offers approximately 50 square meters of coverage, depending on the surface’s porosity.

When preparing to apply the paint, ensure the surface is smooth and you have the right tools to achieve the best possible finish. Overall, the Wilko Garden Colour Woodland Oak Exterior Paint is a versatile and durable option for protecting and beautifying your outdoor surfaces.

8. Rustins TLLO5000 Timberline Garden Paint

Rustins TLLO5000 Timberlife Light Oak Brown 1
Rustins TimberLife
  • Versatile use
  • Water repellent
  • Eco-friendly
  • Multiple shades
  • Easy cleanup
  • Surface preparation

Upgrade your wooden garden furniture with Rustins Timberlife paint, a water-based paint designed to protect and prolong the life of your garden timber.

Rustins paint 1

Suitable for new or weathered sheds and fences, this 5-litre paint is highly water repellent and resistant to fading, ensuring your outdoor wooden surfaces stay looking fresh and vibrant.

Rustins Timberlife paint is available in various shades, including Light, Medium, Dark Oak, Mahogany, Teak, and Walnut, allowing you to choose the perfect hue to complement your garden’s aesthetic.

This paint is harmless to pets and plants, making it an eco-friendly and safe option for your outdoor painting projects.

Cleaning up is a breeze with Rustins Timberlife, as brushes can be easily cleaned in water.

Enhance the appearance of your garden while providing long-lasting protection to protect wood and your timber with Rustins TLLO5000 Timberlife Light Oak Brown.

Can You Spray Paint a Fence?

Can You Spray Paint a Fence 1 1

Yes, Of course you can spray paint a fence!

It’s a fantastic and efficient way to get your fence looking fab while saving time compared to the old-school brush painting approach.

Before diving into the paint job, it’s crucial to give your fence some TLC by cleaning it up. Sweep away any dirt, algae, or cobwebs from the surface and the area around the fence. Once it’s all spick and span, you might need to mix your fence paint with about 5-10% water to ensure the smoothest spraying session possible.

When your sprayer is filled with the right paint amount, don’t forget to give it a little test run on a scrap piece of wood or cardboard before letting it loose on your fence. As you start painting, adjust the paint sprayers pattern to match the texture of the fence, and keep a steady motion for that flawless finish.

And, because it’s all in the details, grab a paint brush to give some love to those small spaces between panels and posts that the sprayer might have missed.

Best Paint Sprayer For Fences

WAGNER Fence & Decking paint sprayer for fences
Wagner Fence Sprayer
  • Compatibility
  • Quick application
  • Adjustable settings
  • Large capacity
  • Versatility
  • Cleanup

WAGNER Fence & Decking Paint Sprayer, a versatile and efficient tool designed for painting fences, sheds, decking, or garden furniture. This sprayer is compatible with standard solvent or water-based fence paint, oil, stain, varnish, wood preservatives, and fence treatment, eliminating the need for specialist sprayable paint or paint brushes.

Wagner Spray Paint 1

Achieve extra-fine atomisation for uniform paint coverage with a single coat, while enjoying the convenience of the detachable spray gun for quick and easy attachment changes, paint refills, or cleaning.

So youre less likely to need two coats with the spray. Its still important to purchase good quality fence paint and avoid cheaper paint.

The 3 paint jet settings allow for horizontal, vertical, or detailed spraying, while the fully adjustable paint flow ensures precision painting.

With the ability to spray a 1.8m x 1.8m fence panel in less than 2 minutes, the WAGNER Fence & Decking Sprayer saves time and effort compared to traditional wire brush or pump sprayers. The separate turbine unit features a shoulder strap, and the extra-large 1400ml pot ensures longer use with fewer refills.

How To Paint Fencing

How To Paint Fencing 1

Ahoy there, aspiring fence-painter! Fear not, for I shall lead you through the enchanting realm of fence-painting. Let’s embark on this adventure and give your fence the makeover it so rightly deserves!

Step 1: Clear the Area Before starting to paint your fence, clear the surrounding area by removing any dirt, algae, or cobwebs from the surface and the area around the fence. Make sure no shrubbery or plants obstruct your ability to paint. Pinning them with plant ties will make your job easier and protect the plants from paint damage.

Step 2: Sand the Fence Using medium-grit sandpaper, sand the wooden fence panels and posts to create a rough surface for the paint to adhere to, promising a smoother and more professional finish. Pay attention to any rough patches or splinters, and sand them down to ensure a smooth surface for painting.

Step 3: Apply Primer Choose the right primer for your fence. A good-quality primer will help the paint adhere better and ensure a more uniform color when you paint. Apply the primer evenly to the fence using a brush or roller, and allow it to dry completely before proceeding to the next step.

Step 4: Choose Your Painting Tool and Paint Select the fence painting tool that suits you best: a thick brush, roller, or paint sprayer. Also, choose a suitable fence paint, which is specifically designed for outdoor use and offers protection against weather elements.

Step 5.1: Paint with a Brush If using a brush, follow the direction of the timber grain, using horizontal strokes for horizontal panes and vertical strokes for vertical panes. Employ a stippling motion for awkward areas, ensuring the paint works its way into the wood. Be mindful not to overload the brush with paint, as this can cause drips and uneven coverage.

Step 5.2: Paint with a Roller If using a roller, pour paint into a roller tray and load up. Tap the roller to remove excess paint and apply it in long, even strokes following the wood grain. Work from top to bottom, overlapping your strokes for consistent coverage. Pay attention to any drips and even them out before the paint dries.

Step 5.3: Paint with a Sprayer If using a paint sprayer, fill the reservoir, plug it in, and maintain a distance of 8-12 inches from the fence. Move the sprayer evenly across the surface and adjust the nozzle as needed for optimal results. Remember to test the sprayer on a scrap piece of wood or cardboard before applying it to your fence.

Step 6: Touch Up and Clean Up After painting, use a brush to touch up any small spaces between panels and posts that the painting tool might have missed. Allow the paint to dry completely, then remove any painter’s tape or plant ties. Clean your painting tools and store them properly for future use.

Following these detailed steps will help you achieve a beautifully painted fence, adding charm and curb appeal to your home.


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