Best Metal Detector UK (2023 Edition)

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Metal detecting is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a new hobby. You can find new treasures beneath the ground by engaging in this hobby. Metal detecting is a popular hobby right now. People look for new experiences at beaches, parks, and historical sites.

You can metal detect in a variety of settings, including the beach, a forest, and the lake. There is a wide range of soil and environmental conditions that you could experience. So, if you’re always looking for things in different places, you need a metal detector that can handle it. We reviewed the best metal detectors available on the UK market for both adults and kids. So, why are you still waiting? Let’s get started!

Best Metal Detector In Each Category (Adult, Child, Beach)

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Then check out the best metal detector from each category below:

Bottom Line
Garrett ACE 400i Metal Detector
Garrett ACE 400i
Best Metal Detector For Adults
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Bottom Line
Best Metal Detector Around!
Simple to use
LCD screen also enables visual distinction
It has multi-tone to distinguish noises
A little Pricey
National Geographic Junior Metal Detector
Best Metal Detector For Kids
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Bottom Line
Everything a Kid Needs
Simple to use and comes with teaching guide
Digital panel comes with three modes of detection
No headphone jack
SAKOBS Metal Detector
Best Metal Detectors For Beach Use
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Bottom Line
Best Metal Detector For Beach Use
Simple to use
Perfect for experts and beginners alike
The large LCD makes font, sensitivity level, and depth simple to read.
Also Pricey

Updated: 24/07/2023 – New Minelab Hits The Markets!

Minelab X-Terra Pro Metal Detector
New Editors Choice
Minelab X-Terra Pro Metal Detector
  • Switchable Frequency Technology
  • Fully Submersible
  • Compatible with Multiple Coils
  • Multiple Search Modes
  • Price & Affordability
  • Unstable VDI

The Minelab X-Terra Pro, introduced in February 2023, is a metal detector primarily aimed at coin, jewellery, and beach detecting. The device is highly innovative, with switchable frequency technology allowing the user to choose to run one of several single-frequency options. This feature gives the X-Terra Pro an edge in detecting a wider range of metals with greater precision as users can switch between different frequency modes.

One of the significant improvements of the X-Terra Pro over previous X-Terra models is its full submersibility of up to 16 feet, making it a reliable choice for underwater treasure hunting. The detector is compatible with the coils from both the Minelab Equinox and Vanquish series detectors, giving users a wider coil selection. We think this is one of the best professional metal detectors on the market, we are very impressed!

Buying Guide for Metal Detectors

The ten best metal detectors in the UK listed below are all great choices in their own categories. This buying guide will help you find the right metal detector if you’re looking for your first one.

Target ID

Many modern metal detectors feature an LCD display that can identify the identified item. It can detect iron, silver, gold, etc. When you know the target ID, it’s easier to guess what you might find. It’s better for kids to read the target ID on the LCD than the detector’s beeps.

Coil Size

Metal detectors come with search coils of varying sizes, which you’ll notice as you browse. The circular coil is the scanning component of the detector. If you have a larger coil, you can cover more ground in much less time. It has improved detection capabilities and can reach deeper targets. The larger the coil, the more signals it will grab if there are a lot of targets in the region. Smaller coils can better locate finds in areas with high “junk” trace metals and identify objects near the surface.

metal detector with fixed ground balance is an ideal choice for treasure hunters and hobbyists seeking to find coins, relics, jewelry, and other types of metal. It features a sophisticated detection technology that enables it to differentiate between different types of metals and ignore false signals from mineralized soil or wet sand. The adjustable sensitivity settings allow the user to adjust the device’s reactivity to targets in order to find smaller objects such as coins that would otherwise be undetectable with normal detectors.


The majority of metal detectors are set to a certain frequency. But some detectors are more versatile than others. If you need a fantastic metal detector for gold but also want to find silver, antiques, and valuable ores. Then, search for a more versatile detector with adjustable or numerous frequency heads. A benefit of wireless headphones is that it allows you to move around much more easily without getting your headphones tangled up.


Metal-detecting portable devices are known as pinpointers. Metal detector enthusiasts who are also serious about their hobby will typically bring a pinpointer along with them. You can also use pinpointers for metal detecting without any other equipment. Because they’re under 30 cm in length, these instruments are easy to hold. Because of this, they are appropriate for kids.


Metal detector batteries come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and types. Lithium-ion and nickel-metal hydride are the most common types used for metal detectors. Li-ion batteries have higher energy densities than NiMH, making them more efficient for powering metal detectors.

The key to getting the most out of your battery is to properly maintain it by regularly checking its charge level and keeping it stored correctly when not in use. Many manufacturers offer an external charger that can be plugged into a wall outlet or USB port to rechargeable battery quickly and easily. To extend the battery life, you should try to limit how often you discharge it completely, as this will decrease its overall lifespan.

Extra Functions

Don’t just choose the lightest option; compare the rest to see what works best for you. If you’re looking to sift through damp sand and mineral-rich soil. Then, you’ll require good ground balancing, a variety of modes, and high-quality sound. Pulse induction machines control moist sands, although they’re heavier than VLFs.

Many metal detectors will have many of these functions implemented into them. Newer metal detectors have multi frequency technology that can indicate what type of metal you have picked up before digging, gone are the single frequency detectors of the past.

Top 5 Metal Detectors for Adults

1 – Garrett ACE 400i Metal Detector

Garrett ACE 400i Metal Detector
Best Metal Detector
Garrett ACE 400i Metal Detector
  • Offers many choices and is simple to use
  • LCD screen also enables visual distinction
  • It has multi-tone to distinguish noises
  • There are three distinct tones available to help you
  • A little pricey

The Garrett ace 400i is our top pick for the best metal detector in the UK. If you want to improve your detection skills, this is the device to choose. If you’re looking for a metal detector, Garrett is a name you can trust. This model has almost everything. The Ace 440i has five modes for searching for different kinds of precious metals.

 It doesn’t discriminate against any metals, including nails, jewelry, relics, or coins. It lets you customize settings. There are three distinct tones available to assist you better. It has a lot of options and is very easy to use. Its features include pinpointing and the ability to customize the mode of detection. It’s lightweight and performs well in detection depth.

The pinpoint feature locates the target and tells it where to go. The ACE 400i is a hobby metal detector with high-end features and abilities. The big LCD screen also allows for visual distinction. It also has a notch and a multi-tone feature that lets you tell different sounds apart.

Garrett Ace 440i central units have strap-on rain covers. It also comes with Garrett-branded headsets and a camouflaged bag. It’s expensive, but its helpful features save time and effort. Overall, this is one of the best metal detectors in the UK.

2- Fisher F22 Weatherproof Metal Detector

Fisher F22 Weatherproof Metal Detector
Fisher F22 Weatherproof Metal Detector
  • Detector is waterproof
  • It has a sensitivity range of 10 degrees
  • It is lightweight and recovers quickly
  • Default settings can help beginners
  • The operating frequency is 7.69 kHz
  • 5-years warranty
  • Few users find operation challenging.

If you’re a beginner to metal detecting and saw the Garrett ace 400i’s price, don’t worry. The Fisher F22 is our budget pick for a beginner metal detectorist. The Fisher F22 is a VLF detector with weatherproof construction. It boasts 10 degrees of sensitivity, is lightweight, and has a quick recovery rate. The F22 can detect up to 9 inches underground, depending on the soil.

Fisher’s F22 comes with a variety of factory-default setting modes. These include bespoke modes, jewelry, artifacts, coins, and so on. Also, these default settings can be pretty helpful for beginners. This consists of a digital screen like other current detectors to make detecting easier. The depth gauge is helpful, even though it has some inaccuracies. There’s a pinpointer option, but if you’re more experienced, you’ll want a special one.

This detector makes hunting easy without sacrificing functionality. This is vital for an entry level metal detector. Also, there is a two-digit target ID. Its target identification codes help you avoid trashy areas by telling you what metals you find. The working frequency of 7.69 kHz is fantastic for detecting artifacts and coins alike. But, it is not ideal for gold-digging.

The detector is easier to use without manual ground adjustment. Because of this, it remains a superb option for beginners. The price of this metal detector is affordable. But it has a surprisingly good performance. Fisher also gives a good warranty of 5 years. The Fisher F22 is the best metal detector for beginners.

3 – Minelab Equinox 800 Metal Detector

Minelab Equinox 800 Metal Detector
EarnSave Favourite
Minelab Equinox 800 Metal Detector
  • It includes Multi-IQ technology
  • This detector is small and portable
  • Accuracy is superb
  • It has good depth detection.
  • It features an adjustable recovery speed.
  • The shaft joints need to be tightened because they’re unstable.

Minelab is known for making top-notch metal detectors. So, the Equinox 800 is among the very best. The Minelab is the best detector with a lot of features. But beginners may struggle as there’s so much to learn. But Equinox’s various features allow you to customize the best metal detector.

The battery will be gone in 12 hours if you use it at full power. It charges quickly and is compatible with a power bank. Multi-IQ technology is one of the reasons why it works so well. It has five frequencies: 5, 10, 15, 20, and 40 kHz. Lower frequencies and higher frequencies will determine what type of metal you have identified.

You can also use Tracking, Auto, or Manual to adjust the ground balance. You can also use ground balance with salt water. This metal detector is waterproof and can go up to 10 feet underwater. Its many user settings include threshold, sound cancel, and recovery speed. Professional users can ensure no target is missed due to depth, ferrous objects, and more.

If you’re looking for a metal detector with more options than a standard single-frequency model, look no further. If it sounds complicated, don’t worry—the default pre-sets function is fine right out of the box. This detector can be customized to find certain things on diverse terrain using ID profiles. It features a beach mode and can discover gold and high-conductivity objects. So, this is yet another of the best metal detectors available for purchase in the UK.

4 – Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector

Garrett at Pro Metal Detector
Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector
  • This metal detector is easy for beginners
  • It saves you time by distinguishing between “trash” and worthwhile finds.
  • It’s light enough to carry with you.
  • The “default” choice is more user-friendly.
  • 15kHz frequency reaches coin hunting.
  • The panel may be a little smaller.

The Garrett AT Pro is an excellent metal detector for the price, especially for finding coins. This Garrett metal detector is one of our favorites. The AT Pro is a fantastic detector that outperforms its price. You can use it to find anything, from ancient artifacts to expensive jewelry, at the bottom of the water.

The AT Pro’s flexibility is its strong point as a detector. The AT Pro can find coils in iron-rich soil, lost items in sandy soil, and even undersea. It’s a top all-terrain detector. The AT Pro also performs well. It features high-resolution iron discrimination. It allows you to use one of 40 distinct variances to separate trash. The screen features a 2-digit target ID meter.

The AT Pro has a “professional” audio setting. The “default” option is more user-friendly, though. Also, the pro setting lets you hear the object’s form, depth, and size. The AT Pro’s 15kHz frequency is approaching coin hunting. Its waterproof construction allows use at 10 feet. The AT Pro is a good choice for affordable underwater metal detecting.

But you should know that regular headphones are not designed to withstand water. You’ll need to get a second set of waterproof headphones if you plan on using the device in the sea.

The AT Pro is an excellent choice for a multipurpose metal detector. So, this is the best metal detector UK, and you can’t go wrong with it.

5 – DR. ÖTEK Lightweight Metal Detector

DR.ÖTEK Lightweight Metal Detector
DR.ÖTEK Lightweight Metal Detector
  • When taken apart, it fits in a 40 L backpack.
  • Its simple settings make it simple to set up.
  • It has the ability to detect gold.
  • This detector is a good deal for new hobbyists.
  • LCD is easy to read in dim light.
  • It has five different modes.
  • Bluetooth is not supported

Are you looking for a good-quality, multi-purpose metal detector? The DR. OTEK Metal Detector is all you need. This portable detector folds for storage and has a carry handle. It also has a memory capacity for selecting a metal to look for. This detector makes it easy to find a specific object. It has serrated teeth, making it both robust and durable. This makes it easier to cut grass and dirt.

The DR. ÖTEK Metal Detector is a good present for travelers, treasure hunters, and hikers. The DR. ÖTEK is a leading metal detector. Also, it has five different modes. The Memory Mode’s ability to recognize one metal and only hunt for it is unique. When looking for anything specific, this can be a huge time saver. Discrimination mode helps avoid false positives by avoiding particular metals.

The DR. ÖTEK is a waterproof metal detector. The big LCD is simple to read in dim light. Also, the backlight gives you more options when you have to work in the dark. It’s easy to recognize metal types using the three display modes.

The large 9.8-inch search coil is strong enough to find a quarter buried 10 inches deep. Also, you can easily find bigger things at deeper depths by adjusting the depth indicator and sensitivity. This is the best metal detector UK for both beginners and experts.

Top 3 Metal Detectors for Kids

1 – National Geographic Junior Metal Detector

National Geographic Junior Metal Detector
Best Kids Metal Detector
National Geographic Junior Metal Detector
  • It is an ideal present for kids
  • Pricing is quite affordable.
  • It is simple to use and comes with a teaching guide.
  • The digital panel displays three modes of detection
  • There is no headphone jack.

The Junior Metal Detector from National Geographic is made just for kids. It’s compact and contains a waterproof twin coil measuring 7.5 inches in diameter. The detector has a telescoping arm that lets you change the length. A red LED will illuminate once the metal is detected. You can use this to find coins and other metals up to six inches in depth. It also has a feature that lets you modify the adjustable sensitivity. This function helps keep false positives from happening.

The detector is very light, weighing only 1.4 lbs. If you take off the coil’s armrest and fold it in half, it becomes 24 inches. But it can get as long as 39 inches. They’re light enough that your kids are able to carry them on their travels.

The metal detector also comes with a book to help you learn how to use it. The coil’s sensitivity can be adjusted to avoid false positives. The detector is extremely portable and sturdy. It works with three AA batteries.

Also, it comes in a more advanced model with a longer search coil (10 inches), a taller stem, and a screen for reading results. The National Geographic Organization offers a 2-year guarantee on it. That’s why it’s a top pick among the best metal detectors for kids.

2 – RM RICOMAX Metal Detector

RM RICOMAX Metal Detector
RM RICOMAX Metal Detector
  • The coil is large, very efficient, and waterproof.
  • This detector is easy to understand and use.
  • It has a simple LCD screen.
  • The detector is waterproof.
  • It has four detecting modes and ten sensitivity settings.
  • It can sometimes show the wrong results

The RM RICOMAX metal detector has innovative features for kids and experts. This detector is great for adults and kids because of its height-adjustable stem (33 to 40.6 inches). Its 10-inch search coil allows for precise metal detection up to 8 inches underground. If you set this dial treasure hunter to “all metal,” you can quickly find silver, gold, steel, and other metals. Because it can zero in on a specific target, you’ll be able to get very close to your target.

Its two-mode quick detection can improve your metal identification. Also, its disc mode lets you ignore other metals and concentrate on your preferred ones. Tone mode moves all metals but differentiates their sound tones (high or low). This detector runs on batteries and has a 3.5mm port for headphones so that you can search in noisy places.

The LCD shows the target’s depth, intensity level, operating mode, and battery level. What’s more, the control box isn’t watertight, although the coil and stem are. This enabled metal detection in shallow water.

Its screen lets you set its settings for accurate data display. Its 6.5kHz working frequency lets it separate valuable metals from the trash. Also, this detector has four presets and ten sensitivity settings for specific goals. The detector is waterproof, so you can use it in wet conditions. So overall, this is another best metal detector for kids that you can buy.

3 – Hello-5ive Metal Detector

Hello 5ive Metal Detector for Kids 1
Hello-5ive Metal Detector for Kids
  • Simple controls make it very simple to use.
  • It’s ideal for children aged 5 to 10 years.
  • This detector allows kids to ignore unwanted metals by distinguishing them.
  • Its movable stem lets kids of different heights use it.
  • The sound is quite loud, and there is no way to lower the volume.

The Hello-5ive Metal Detector is an inexpensive starting point for junior explorers and the best starter metal detector. It has a basic analog readout with just two dials for adjustments. One dial activates its on/off functionality, while the other controls metal types detected.

The case is black and light blue, which makes it look better to kids. The little trowel and hand shovel are also matched in color. This metal detector is the top pick for kids aged 5 to 10. It’s not overly childish but not as pricey or difficult as professional models. It has a detection range of about 5-10 cm. Also, the “eliminator” dial makes it easier to tell some metals apart from others. You can use this to get rid of iron, copper, and zinc.

The stem length is adjustable from 47 cm to 78 cm, making it suited for kids of varying heights. Also, this makes it easy to store and hold the detector. It’s especially helpful when going on vacation or to the beach. The coil also packs back against the stem, which makes it smaller. It doesn’t need completely dry ground and can be utilized on various terrain. The 17-centimeter waterproof coil can be used in rivers and sandy beaches.

This metal detector is fantastic for fun and getting kids interested in metal searching. You shouldn’t expect to find any ancient artifacts. But it works well to give them the pleasure of finding metal objects under the ground. So, if you want the best metal detector for kids, this is a great gift for your youngster.

Top Metal Detectors for Beach

1 – SAKOBS Metal Detector

SAKOBS Metal Detector
SAKOBS Metal Detector
  • This detector is adjustable.
  • It has three operational modes.
  • This metal detector is simple to operate.
  • It’s an excellent metal detector for both experts and beginners.
  • The large LCD makes font, sensitivity level, and depth simple to read.
  • It’s a little pricey.

This is yet another excellent metal detector that we recommend. SAKOBS isn’t simply durable and adaptable; it’s also quite easy to use. It’s a great metal detector tool for both experts and beginners. Because of its strength and ability, this metal detector can find a quarter coin up to 10 inches deep. This metal detector’s waterproof technology lets you search for lost treasure everywhere. It includes the beach, shallow water, deep water, and dry land.

There are a lot of choices. It’s possible to switch between three distinct modes of functioning. It has three modes: All-Metal, DISC, and North. They make it easy to tell the difference between 6 types of metals. Its features include scan recognition and an improved DSP processor. They can make it easier and faster for you to find your treasure.

The coil can tell the difference between different metals better when it moves at a slower speed. This will also support you in finding the treasures you seek. A big LCD makes type, identity, sensitivity level, and depth easy to read. Also, it displays a low-battery indicator and the mode of operation.

It’s visible even at night and in poor light. Because the stem is retractable and can be extended or shortened as needed. This metal detector is easy for anyone of any age to use. If your kids want to try it out, you can modify it so they can use it without any problems. It is not only a good option for travel and festivals but also for birthday presents. This is one of the best metal detectors for the beach.

2 – PANCKY Metal Detectors

Pancky Metal Detector
PANCKY Metal Detector
  • It has an LCD screen as well as five separate settings.
  • The 10″ coil allows for the scanning of larger regions.
  • This detector is waterproof.
  • It has a flexible stem, adjustable armrest, and non-slip grip.
  • Few users complain about accuracy.

Do you want to buy a metal detector on the beach in search of lost treasure? If you’re looking for a metal detector for the beach, go no further than the PANCKY. This high-end metal detector is perfect for professionals because of its complex DSP processor. It features an LCD screen and five distinct settings. So, you may find what you’re seeking with ease. Also, the 10″ coil facilitates the scanning of wider areas.

If you want a sturdy, reliable, and convenient metal detector, choose PANCKY. A PANCKY Metal Detector is the perfect device for the job. It’s simple to pick the optimal mode for your search, thanks to the five available options.

The wide-color LCD panel with backlight shows all detecting variables in real time. You can use it in the dark thanks to the handy backlight, which can be switched on and off as needed. Also, the 10-inch search coil’s water resistance makes it useful even in wet conditions. The sensitivity and range are both enhanced by the revised DSP chip. You can use it to locate larger items at greater depths.

The PANCKY Metal Detector also has a flexible stem, movable armrest, and anti-slip grip. It’s portable, compact, and foldable in an unusual way. Also, this metal detector is affordable. So, this is another one of the best metal detectors for a beach that you should consider.

Best Budget Metal Detector

1 – Pancky Metal Detector

Pancky Metal Detector
PANCKY Metal Detector
  • It has an LCD screen as well as five separate settings.
  • The 10″ coil allows for the scanning of larger regions.
  • This detector is waterproof.
  • It has a flexible stem, adjustable armrest, and non-slip grip.
  • Few users complain about accuracy.

PANCKY Metal Detectors for Adults Waterproof is the perfect choice for those looking to start their treasure hunting adventure without breaking the bank. This metal detector is built with high-quality parts, making it durable and reliable. It has a wide detection depth range of up to 8 inches, allowing you to detect more than just coins and jewelry. The adjustable stem allows you to adjust the height of the detector, while the LCD display makes it easy to read data such as target type and estimated size. With its low price tag, PANCKY Metal Detectors for Adults Waterproof is an excellent choice for both beginners and experienced metal detectorists alike

2 – SUNPOW Professional Metal Detector

SUNPOW Professional Metal Detector Kit 1
SUNPOW Professional Metal Detector Kit
  • Affordable & includes everything needed
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use for beginners
  • Good for the beach
  • Few users complain about accuracy.

The SUNPOW Professional Metal Detector Kit is the perfect choice for finding both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. This kit is designed to offer unbeatable performance at an affordable cost, making it one of the best cheap metal detectors available on the market. The package contains a comprehensive range of components, including a search coil, detector control unit, and headphones.

With these tools in hand, you can easily scan through any terrain or material looking for hidden metals. The SUNPOW Professional Metal Detector Kit is also very simple to use and requires no professional setup – just assemble the parts as instructed in the manual and start your treasure hunt! Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced veteran of metal detecting, this kit will have you up and running in no time.


Metal detecting is an interesting activity that can be refined over time. If you don’t know what you’re doing, don’t purchase the expensive detector. When making your first buy, don’t give it too much thought. This article talks about a few things, but it’s not meant to scare you away from making your first detector purchase. You can’t go wrong if you keep to your price range with a famous brand. A metal detector can help you find coins, jewelry, relics, caches, and gold.

The Garrett ace 400i best metal detector UK is our top choice. It is a highly effective metal detector and ranks among the best available. Also, it is equipped with cutting-edge features. But it is a little on the pricey side.

Also, the Fisher F22 metal detector is a good option if you’re on a tight budget. It has the same features but costs less. Also, the National Geographic junior detector is an excellent option if you’re shopping for a metal detector for kids. It is made for kids and has features that make it light and easy to carry. We hope this list becomes helpful if you’re in the market for a new metal detector in the UK.

That concludes our metal detector reviews, write in the comments if you agree or if you have any other metal detectors that you prefer.


  1. i like how this article provides you options for both kids and adults, thank you for the tips on the best metal detector uk

  2. For anyone that wants to get a metal detector, going to a beach is such a good way to make your investment back in a good amount of time

  3. i think the minelab metal detectors are one of the best on the market. although they do cost a premium there is a clear reason why!

  4. Good choice of metal detectors for different age groups and locations, just bought my minelab, im excited, thanks again!

  5. Its now the perfect time to go metal detecting in the UK. Only problem for me is getting permission for the landlord. Does anyone else let the land owner know if they find some valuable items?

  6. Are you going to update the list, there are a few new metal detectors that have been released that are very good!

  7. totally agree with the garrett metal detector, i bought one of these a few years back and its good for beginners and intermediate. But if you’re regularly metal detecting then you should be buying the Minelab brand. Its second to none the best metal detector on the market.

  8. Weather isnt that great this year for metal detecting which is a shame. There will be some days that we will be able to take advantage of the sun. my Top 2 metal detector brands are Garett and MineLab without a doubt, dont go anywhere else, they are supreme


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