Best Rat Poison UK (Top 5 & Rated)

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Are you tired of playing a never-ending game of cat and mouse with those cunning rodents? Well, it’s time to turn the tables and take control with our carefully curated selection of the top 5 rat poisons available in the UK.

From potent formulations to strategic baiting techniques, these powerful solutions will help you bid farewell to those unwanted guests and restore peace to your home.

Best Rat Poison UK: By Category

Best Overall: Pest Expert Rat Killer Poison 1.5kg – Formula ‘B+’ Advanced

Best in Efficacy: Pest Expert Rat Killer Poison 1.5kg – Formula ‘B+’ Advanced. Its advanced formula offers a high success rate in dealing with rat infestations.

Best in Safety Measures: The Big Cheese Rat and Mouse Poison. This product has safety measures in place, ensuring reduced risk of accidental ingestion by non-target animals or humans.

Best in Resistance Management: Roshield Wax Block Bait for Rat & Mouse Killer Poison Control. Its unique formulation helps manage rat populations resistant to other common poisons.

Things To Consider When Choosing The Best Rat Poison UK

Things To Consider When Choosing The Best Rat Poison UK 1

Selecting the most appropriate rat poison for your needs in the UK is a task that requires careful consideration of numerous crucial factors. Here’s a more detailed and professional look at what you need to evaluate:

Efficiency of the Poison: The first and foremost consideration should be the poison’s effectiveness. You’ll want to select a product with a proven track record of successfully exterminating rodents.

Suitability to Your Environment: Different types of rat poisons are better suited to different environments. Depending on whether your rat problem is located in your home, garden, farm, storage units, or commercial spaces, you’ll want to select a poison that is appropriate for that setting.

Types of Active Ingredients: Rat poisons utilise various active ingredients to eliminate rodents. Some might use anticoagulants like bromadiolone, others may use acute toxins like zinc phosphide. Your choice should be based on the specifics of your infestation, considering factors like the size of the rodent population and their resistance to certain poisons.

Size and Scale of the Infestation: The size and nature of the rodent infestation significantly influence the type of rat poison you should opt for. Larger infestations of house mice or roof rats for example might require stronger poisons or a combination of methods.

Form of the Poison: Rat poisons come in different forms like whole wheat bait, pasta bait, and block baits, each with its own advantages. Consider the preferences of the rats you are dealing with when making your choice.

Safety Concerns: In handling and implementing rat poison, the safety of you, your family, your pets, and the wider environment is paramount. You’ll need to opt for a product that allows you to manage your rat problem effectively while minimizing risks.

Regulations and Laws: Make sure to select a rat poison that is legal under UK laws. Always abide by the regulations related to the handling and disposal of rat poison to protect non-target wildlife and the environment.

Budget: As with any purchase, consider your budget and the cost-effectiveness of the poison. Some poisons may be more expensive but also more effective, potentially reducing the time and volume needed to eradicate the infestation

When dealing with rat poison, it’s crucial to prioritise safety above all. Always handle these products with extreme care, store them out of reach of children and pets, and wear protective equipment when setting them out.

Also, never forget to dispose of them responsibly to prevent accidental poisoning of non-target wildlife. Consider making contact with professional pest control to ensure the removal of an infestation is dealt with appropriately and safely which includes the removal of dead rats.

Best Rat Poison UK

1. Pest Expert Rat Killer Poison 1.5kg – Formula ‘B+’ Advanced

Pest Expert Rat Killer Poison 1.5kg - Formula 'B+' Advanced
Pest Expert Rat Poison
  • Exceptional Strength
  • Single Feed Effectiveness
  • Highly Attractive to Rats
  • Easy to Use
  • Suitable for Various Settings
  • High Toxicity

Pest Expert Rat Killer Poison 1.5kg – Formula ‘B+’ Advanced is truly a game-changer in the realm of rodent control. Not all rat poisons are created equal, and this one absolutely stands out in terms of potency and effectiveness if you identify rat activity in your home.

It delivers on its promise of being the strongest rat poison available on the UK market, with a concentration of Brodifacoum that is up to six times stronger than other rat poisons. This alone speaks volumes about the seriousness with which this product tackles rodent infestations.

One of the most impressive aspects of the Formula ‘B+’ Advanced is its fast-acting, single-feed nature. This is an incredible feature, as many rat poisons require multiple feedings to be effective. With a high concentration of Brodifacoum (0.0029%), it ensures the quick and efficient elimination of these unwanted pests. This unique concentration is almost 20% stronger than any other Brodifacoum-based poison, setting it apart from the competition.

Apart from its effectiveness, the Pest Expert Rat Killer Poison boasts a high level of appeal to rats. It is made from top-quality whole wheat grain, without any wax content. This unique formulation guarantees rapid uptake, making it nearly irresistible to the rats and hence, enhancing its effectiveness.

Pest Expert Formula ‘B+’ Advanced Rat & Mouse Killer

Pest Expert Formula ‘B+ Bait Blocks & Bait Box

Same quality product but with a bait box to ensure safety

2. Roshield Wax Block Bait for Rat & Mouse Killer Poison Control

Roshield Wax Block Bait for Rat Mouse Killer Poison Control 1
Roshield Rat Poison
  • Highly palatable to rodents
  • All-weather use
  • Safety considerations
  • UK manufactured
  • Comprehensive user support
  • Requires bait station

The Roshield 600g Wax Block Bait is a tried and tested solution for efficient rat and mouse control in diverse indoor and outdoor settings. This product is crafted in the UK and consists of two packets of 300g bait blocks, totalling 600g. Notably, the product incorporates locally sourced cereal blends, which are known for their high appeal to rodents.

Roshield Blocks 1

The all-weather wax blocks are robustly designed to endure all climatic conditions, making them suitable for use anywhere from cellars to attics, as well as outdoor spaces.

The high-quality culinary-grade wheat flour and other cereal components are expertly blended and bound with edible waxes to create a poison bait that rats and mice find irresistible.

The manufacturing process, involving hot casting, ensures that the wax and other ingredients are thoroughly mixed, enhancing the product’s humidity tolerance.

A standout feature of the Roshield Wax Bait Block is the inclusion of denatonium benzoate, a substance known for its extreme bitterness. This prevents accidental human consumption, thus significantly increasing the product’s safety profile.

3. Pesteq Advanced Rat Poison Block Bait

Pesteq Advanced Rat Poison Block Bait
Pesteq Rat Poison
  • Maximum Strength
  • Single Feed Efficiency
  • Highly Palatable
  • Weatherproof and Durable
  • Well-Packaged and User-Friendly
  • Bait Block Size

Pesteq Advanced Rat Poison Block Bait delivers impressive results when it comes to rodent control. It comes packed with a powerful punch, as its professional-strength formula is six times stronger than many industry-standard rat block baits, providing consumers with the assurance of a superior product.

Pesteq Indoor and Outdoor Use 1

The real game-changer is its single-feed efficacy. The bait point incorporates Brodifacoum at a 0.0025% active concentration – a level designed to exterminate rodents with just one feed.

This makes for an extremely efficient and cost-effective rodent control solution, especially for households or businesses battling significant infestations.

Additionally, the bait’s palatability is commendable. It’s carefully formulated using high-quality ingredients, all held together with edible wax.

The rodent-attracting aroma infused into the bait is highly irresistible to pests, ensuring rapid and consistent uptake.

Pesteq also deserves praise for its thoughtful product design. The bait blocks are hot-casted to ensure high tolerance to heat, humidity, and moisture, in addition to resistance to fungi and bacteria growth. This makes them a great choice for a variety of environments, including those that are typically challenging for such products – indoors, outdoors, around buildings, and even in sewers.

4. The Big Cheese Rat and Mouse Poison

The Big Cheese Rat and Mouse Poison
The Big Cheese Rat Poison
  • Highly Effective
  • Reduced Poison Content
  • Weather Resistant
  • Ready-to-use
  • Comprehensive Solutions
  • Multi-feed Required

The Big Cheese Rat and Mouse Poison Blocks offer a unique and powerful solution for rodent control in your home or establishment. Its advanced formula has been specifically designed to effectively kill rats and mice with 50% less poison than previous formulations, making it a more conscientious choice for environments with pets or children.

The big Cheese Rat and Mouse Poison In Use 1

This product is characterized by its fast-acting bait, which incorporates advanced multi-feed technology to ensure rodents consume the lethal dose in just a few feeds.

It’s part of The Big Cheese’s Home Choice range and contains the active ingredient difenacoum, a highly effective rodenticide.

One of the unique selling points of this product is its all-weather compatibility.

The bait blocks are moisture-resistant, ensuring they stay fresh and highly palatable even in damp and wet weather conditions.

This makes them ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, providing flexibility for different rodent control scenarios.

5. Ratkil Rat Poison Rat Bait & Mouse Poison Grain

Ratkil Rat Poison Rat Bait Mouse Poison Grain 1
Ratkil Rat Poison
  • Most Affordable
  • Strong and Effective
  • Highly Palatable to Rodents
  • Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor Use
  • Reliable Brand
  • Environmental Impact

The Ratkil Rat Poison has clearly been developed with efficiency and efficacy in mind. It’s advertised as the strongest amateur-use rat and mouse poison on the market, and the claim is bolstered by its ability to deliver a lethal dose in just one feed.

RatKil Rat Poison 1

This potency not only makes it extremely effective at eradicating rodent infestations, but it also allows users to control large rat or mouse populations swiftly, often within a couple of days.

Each packet contains 6 x 25g sachets of the poison. The bait in these sachets is made from cereals, an ingredient that proves to be highly enticing to rodents, thereby increasing the poison’s effectiveness.

The high palatability combined with its single-feed lethality certainly gives Ratkil an edge in pest control.

Ratkil can be used both indoors and outdoors, making it versatile and fit for any scenario, whether you’re dealing with rodents in the kitchen, garden, or any other area with high rodent activity. The product’s easy-to-use design, ready-to-use formulation, and compatibility with bait stations are further advantages, especially for users without much pest control experience.

What Is The Most Effective Poison For Rats?

What Is The Most Effective Poison For Rats 1

Rat infestations can pose significant challenges, both in urban and agricultural settings. They not only cause substantial property damage but also serve as vectors for a variety of diseases. To manage these pests effectively, various rat poisons or rodenticides have been developed.

The primary ingredient in these poisons plays a pivotal role in their effectiveness. Typically, these ingredients belong to a group of compounds known as anticoagulants, which interfere with blood clotting, leading to fatal haemorrhages in rats.

Anticoagulants are categorised into first-generation, second-generation, and chronic types. Each of these has a distinct mode of action and level of effectiveness, which we will explore in more detail.

Diphacinone: It’s an example of a first-generation anticoagulant. To be lethal, it usually requires the rat to ingest the bait multiple times over a period of several days.

Bromadiolone, Brodifacoum, and difethialone: These are examples of second-generation anticoagulants, which are more potent and typically lethal in a single dose. These ingredients are particularly effective against rat populations that have developed resistance to first-generation anticoagulants.

Brodifacoum is the most popular ingredient in our top 5 best rat poisons UK and is considered the most effective.

Chlorophacinone and Coumatetralyl: These are examples of chronic anticoagulants. They require multiple ingestions like first-generation anticoagulants but their action is more prolonged, leading to a slow death.

The choice among these depends on the specific situation including the size of the infestation, resistance of the rat population, and safety considerations.

Overall, second-generation anticoagulants are considered to be the most effective due to their single-dose lethality, but they also pose a higher risk to non-target animals and humans.

How Many Hours Does It Take For Rat Poison To Work?

How Many Hours Does It Take For Rat Poison To Work 1

Once a rat has consumed the poison, the lethal effects typically manifest within a span of 2-3 days.

The timeframe within which rat poison begins to take effect and ultimately leads to the demise of the rodent is largely contingent on an array of variables. These encompass the nature of the poison administered, the specific dosage, and the particular conditions of the surroundings in which it is deployed.

Typically, rat poisons are bifurcated into two main categories: anticoagulant and non-anticoagulant. Anticoagulant poisons function by inhibiting the rat’s body from generating certain clotting proteins, which, in turn, results in fatal internal bleeding. Contrarily, non-anticoagulant poisons work through other mechanisms, such as instigating disruption in the rodent’s central nervous system.

Under standard circumstances, once a rat has consumed the poison, the lethal effects typically manifest within a span of 2-3 days. However, this estimation is subject to the generational classification of the anticoagulant poison used.

For instance, first-generation anticoagulants necessitate multiple ingestions by the rat over time to reach lethal toxicity, whereas second-generation poisons have the potential to be deadly after a singular ingestion


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