Best Wild Camping Tent (Top 10): For Durability and Comfort

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Are you stepping into the great outdoors? Before you go bounding off into the wild yonder, consider this: not all tents are equal. Some are fair-weather friends and others are stalwart companions on stormy nights.

We’ve pitched and perused to bring you the best in the sprawling canvas jungle. Embrace the wild but do so with style, comfort, and – dare we say – a touch of luxury.

Dive into our top 10 best wild camping tents, where nightly comfort winks at rugged durability!

Best Wild Camping Tent: By Category

Best Overall
Vango Orion 200 Trekking Tent
Vango Orion 200
Great Build Quality
Check Price
Waterproof and Sturdy
Lightweight & Strong Poles
Year-round Use
Easy Packing
Versatile Colour
Limited In Space
Best budget
Coleman Cobra Tent
Coleman Cobra
Very Affordable
Check Price
Durable Materials
Weather Resistant
May Absorb More Heat
best versatile
OEX Lightweight Jackal II Tent for 2 People with Porch Storage Area
OEX Jackal II
Check Price
Lightweight Design
Tarp Sold Separately

Best Wild Camping Tent: By Capacity

Best 1-Man Wild Camping Tent: Snugpak Ionosphere Shelter Tent

Best 2-Man Wild Camping Tent: Terra Nova Unisex’s Laser Compact 2

Best 3-Man Wild Camping Tent: Sawela Sierra Leone Iii Tent

Best 4-Man Wild Camping Tent: Coleman Darwin Compact Dome Tent

How To Choose The Best Wild Camping Tent For You

How To Choose The Best Wild Camping Tent For You 1

Embarking on a wild camping trip in the UK, such as in the breathtaking Lake District or the serene Loch Lomond, is a dream for many wild campers. Finding the best wild camping tent to suit your adventure is essential. Here’s how:

Weight and Pack Size: The lightest tents are often the most suitable for wild camping. Aim for a tent with a weight between 1-2.5kg, ensuring it has a compact pack size for easy backpacking. Solo adventurers might prefer a one-person tent, while those travelling with a companion might opt for a two-person tent.

Weather Resistance and Durability: The UK’s weather conditions, including heavy rain and strong winds, can be unpredictable. A tent with a high hydrostatic head of 1,500mm is essential for wet weather, but for enhanced weather resistance, opt for 3000mm-5000mm ratings. The Wild Country and Terra Nova brands are known for their robust tents suitable for harsh weather conditions.

Type of Tent: Tunnel tents and dome tents offer a spacious interior. However, the former is a fantastic option for dealing with high winds, while the latter provides extra room and stability. Also, consider the 3 season tent for versatility in various weather conditions.

Space and Ventilation: Mesh panels are essential for proper ventilation. Also, ensure the inner tent has sufficient space for comfort. A porch area offers added space for gear storage or cooking, especially when facing bad weather.

Features and Ease of Setup: For a solo wild camper, choosing tents that are quick to pitch, perhaps those compatible with trekking poles, is a good idea. Look for features like pre-attached guylines, which save time during setup.

Accessories and Other Essentials: A good sleeping bag, as are ground mats or tarps, is vital. Some wild campers might prefer a small tent for stealth camping, especially when in a national park where regulations might be stricter.

Recommendations: Among the best backpacking tents are the Vango Nevis 100 for solo campers, the MSR Hubba NX Solo, and the Wild Country Zephyros Compact 2 for those who need space for 2 people. The Terra Nova brand also offers excellent choices for wild camping adventures.

What’s The Difference Between Wild Camping and Backpacking Tent?

Whats The Difference Between Wild Camping and Backpacking Tent 1

Wild camping and backpacking tents serve the common purpose of providing shelter outdoors, but they have different primary use cases:


Wild Camping Tents: Specifically designed for individuals or groups who want to camp in remote locations away from organised campsites. The main emphasis is on being immersed in nature.

Backpacking Tents: Specifically crafted for hikers and trekkers who bear all their equipment and transition from one spot to the next. These tents prioritise being light, compact, and straightforward to assemble and disassemble.

Weight & Size

Wild Camping Tents: Often lightweight to cater to the need to carry the tent to remote locations.

Backpacking Tents: Extremely lightweight and compact to minimise the burden on trekkers traversing long distances.


Wild Camping Tents: These tents might be built with slightly more robust materials to withstand unpredictable and harsh weather conditions often encountered in wild settings.

Backpacking Tents: Built to be durable but might prioritise weight over the ability to withstand extreme conditions.


Wild Camping Tents: Might come with additional features or spaces such as a larger porch area or more storage spaces for gear.

Backpacking Tents: Generally more streamlined with fewer additional features to save on weight.

It’s worth noting that there can be overlap, and a tent suitable for backpacking can often be used for wild camping and vice versa. The choice largely depends on individual needs and the specific nature of the outdoor activity.

Is Wild Camping Legal In The UK 1

Wild camping laws vary across the UK. In Scotland, wild camping is largely permitted due to the right-to-roam laws, although there are some restrictions in places like Loch Lomond.

On the other hand, in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland, wild camping generally requires the landowner’s permission. An exception is Dartmoor in England, which has designated areas where wild camping is allowed, although recent changes might necessitate permits.

While Scotland’s Land Reform Act allows camping on unenclosed land with adherence to the Outdoor Access Code, England, Wales, and Northern Ireland’s restrictions stem from the Countryside and Rights Of Way Act. (Government website countryside law).

It’s vital to respect the environment, follow local guidelines, seek necessary permissions, and adopt a “leave no trace” approach to ensure a positive wild camping experience.

Best Wild Camping Tent (Top 10)

1. Vango Orion 200 Trekking Tent

Vango Orion 200 Trekking Tent
Vango Orion 200
  • Waterproof and Sturdy
  • Lightweight & Strong Poles
  • Year-round Use
  • Easy Packing
  • Versatile Colour
  • Limited In Space

Venturing into the great British outdoors requires a tent that can stand up to unpredictable weather, and the Vango Orion 200 doesn’t disappoint. Catering perfectly for two, it’s an impeccable choice for avid trekkers and hikers.

Vango 1

At the core of its design, the ProTex 70D polyester flysheet, exclusive to Vango, ensures the tent remains a haven amidst heavy rain, boasting an impressive 5,000mm Hydrostatic Head (HH).

The fabric doesn’t just keep the rain out; it’s tough, too, standing up to some of nature’s rougher moods. Equally commendable are the Vango PowerLite 7001-T6 alloy poles.

Whilst being featherlight, their durability is commendable, achieving a perfect equilibrium that bolsters the tent’s transportability without sacrificing its robustness. You’d really want this when you’re out exploring all the nooks and crannies of Britain.

The tent’s pine colour feels at home, blending perfectly with the UK’s woods and green open spaces. Its four-season capability offers adaptability for adventures throughout the calendar year.

2. Msr Elixir 2 Tent

Msr Elixir 2 Tent
Msr Elixir 2 Tent
  • Optimised Space
  • Versatile Rainfly
  • Thoughtful Additions
  • Easy Setup
  • Breathability & Privacy
  • Three-Season Limitation

the MSR Elixir 2 tent is undoubtedly a top contender for those who prioritise both function and value. Firstly, this tent doesn’t compromise on space; its unique pole geometry splendidly maximises headroom and accommodates two mats comfortably.

And if you’re someone who loves stargazing or waking up to a splendid sunrise, the adaptable rainfly on this tent is a game-changer, allowing for some truly brilliant views.

Inside MSR Exlixir 2 Tent 1

But what really stands out with the MSR Elixir 2 is its attention to the little things.

Built-in gear lofts make storage a breeze, and glow-in-the-dark zipper pulls.

They’re not only fun but practical for those middle-of-the-night moments.

Assembly is quite the dream, too, especially for first-timers. The freestanding system with its colour-coded poles, clips, and webbing, teamed with the red vestibules, makes setting up camp quick and hassle-free.

Plus, the tent is as adaptable as they come. Its mesh and solid fabric panels are ingeniously designed for a mix of ventilation, warmth, and privacy. Throw in the included footprint, and you’ve got a multitude of setup options, including a lightweight pitch with just the rainfly.

3. Naturehike Cloud Peak Tent

Naturehike Cloud Peak Tent
Naturehike Camping Tent
  • Sturdy Framework
  • Increased Airflow
  • Durable Material
  • Lightweight Design
  • Ample Storage
  • Zip Quality

Naturehike has managed to design a tent that wonderfully strikes a balance between portability and functionality with its Cloud Peak Backpacking Tent. They’ve clearly got a good sense of what folks who love the outdoors are looking for.

First off, weighing in at just 5.5lb, this tent won’t weigh you down on your hikes. They’ve even thrown in handy bits like a footprint, pegs, and ropes.

Naturehike in cold weather 1

Constructed from durable 20D nylon ripstop, the tent promises to stand up against the elements. With a silicone-coated flysheet and floor boasting a 4000mm rating, rainy nights won’t be a worry.

The robust 7001 aluminium poles act as the tent’s trusty backbone, ensuring stability through all sorts of weather.

On top of that, having two doors and those nifty storage spots makes camping life a whole lot easier.

No more tripping over gear!

Condensation, a common issue with many tents, has been addressed with a ventilation opening at the top.

What’s cool about the inner tent is its full mesh design. With the inner tent being all mesh, you get the best of both worlds: fresh air and no bug bites.

4. Sawela Sierra Leone Iii Tent

Sierra Leone Iii Tent
Sierra Leone Camping Tent
  • Self-supporting Construction
  • Vestibule Extension
  • Robust Design
  • Quality Material
  • Ventilation System
  • Durable Aluminum Poles
  • Weight

For over 25 years, Salewa has been producing top-tier outdoor gear, and the Sierra Leone III Tent is no exception. Immediately, what stands out is its 100% self-supporting structure. Whether you’re on a rocky ridge or a windswept plateau, this tent ensures setup is hassle-free.

Sierra Leone Features 1

Its double ripstop polyamide roof isn’t just a fancy term; it translates to genuine durability against harsh elements.

Emphasising user comfort, the tent is equipped with a top-notch ventilation system.

The side vents are more than just aesthetic touches—they actively channel a steady stream of fresh air, keeping condensation at bay.

Space is another win. With room to accommodate three, it never feels cramped, thanks to its cleverly designed vestibule, a boon for storing gear or whipping up a quick meal.

However, the real cherry on top is its adaptability. Dual entrances ensure ease of movement, and the lightweight yet sturdy 7001 T6 aluminium poles vouch for its robustness.

5. Coleman Darwin Compact Dome Tent

Coleman Tent Darwin Compact Dome Tent
Coleman Darwin Camping Tent
  • Easy Pitching
  • Optimal Ventilation
  • Insect Protection
  • Waterproof Features
  • UV Protection
  • Set-Up

Venturing into the great British outdoors requires a tent that can weather unpredictable conditions, and Coleman’s Darwin tent certainly rises to the challenge. With its easy-to-pitch design, one can have it up in a jiffy, leaving more time to enjoy the countryside or festival atmosphere.

The lightweight, flexible fibreglass poles are sturdy, even when the winds pick up a tad more than expected.

Coleman Tent Darwin 1

The tent has very impressive ventilation throughout its design. Thanks to the multiple flaps that ensure decent airflow, there’s no waking up to that typical clammy tent feeling.

And for those camping spots with more than their fair share of midges, the inner tent’s mosquito net is an absolute godsend.But perhaps the most reassuring feature is the tent’s waterproof capabilities.

Combining a hydrostatic head of 3000mm with taped seams and a fully sewn-in groundsheet ensures a dry night, even when the heavens open.

The added UV Guard 50+ is a thoughtful touch, especially during those rare, yet much appreciated, sunny British days.

However, a slight niggle is the tent’s weight. At 6.2 kg, it’s not the lightest for those longer treks, but I guess if you’re buying a 4-man tent, you will have to expect the weight will be more.

6. Terra Nova Unisex’s Laser Compact 2

Terra Nova Unisexs Laser Compact 2
Terra Nova Tent
  • High-Quality Materials
  • Quick and Easy Pitching
  • Compact & Portable
  • Stable & Durable
  • Price Point

This 2-person tent boasts an incredibly compact pack size of just 30cm, a true marvel for the nomadic traveller. Made with the brand’s proprietary Terra Nova Watershed flysheet and groundsheet fabrics, you’re assured of top-tier protection against capricious weather.

Terra Nova Outside 1

One fantastic feature of this tent is its hassle-free setup. Thanks to the pre-attached inner and flysheet, pitching becomes a breezy affair, even for those new to camping.

The tent’s low profile design, coupled with ultra-strong Dyneema reflective guylines, ensures a stable setup on a windswept hill or a rainy woodland.

At a featherweight of 1.08 kg, the Laser Compact 2 is one of the lightest tents in its category. Yet, its durability remains uncompromised, courtesy of the DAC NFL alloy pole and additional alloy supports.

The tent’s lush green shade beautifully echoes the natural surroundings, melting effortlessly into green backdrops. Yet, in thicker woodlands, some might feel it blends in a bit too well.

7. Berghaus Cheviot 2

Berghaus Cheviot 2
Berghaus Cheviot 2
  • Robust Construction
  • Weather-Ready
  • Year-Round Camping
  • Light & Compact
  • Repair Kit Included
  • Vibrant Look
  • Space Constraints

For those bitten by the wanderlust bug, preparing for a wild camping adventure or a lively festival, Berghaus has served up a little gem with the Cheviot 2 tent.

First impressions? Its bold red colour pops and seems spot-on for those outdoor enthusiasts. Its dimensions, 16L x 16W x 50H centimetres, speak of a compact design without compromising on the internal space, ideal for two.

Hiking Tent 1

Don’t let its lightness deceive you. The semi-geodesic alloy pole construction ensures it’s anything but flimsy.

Honestly, it’s no surprise the Cheviot 2 gets the thumbs-up from folks. With that kind of care in its design and tough build, it’s a top choice for the best tent.

Designed for all-year-round use, this tent’s material – a sturdy polyester – promises to guard against both unexpected downpours and the biting cold.

The cherry on top? A fully waterproof flysheet, ensuring a snug and dry experience inside, no matter the tempest outside. And for those occasional mishaps, Berghaus has thoughtfully tossed in a repair kit, ensuring your adventure doesn’t abruptly end.

8. Coleman Cobra

Coleman Cobra Tent
Coleman Cobra Tent
  • Versatile
  • Durable Materials
  • Weather Resistant
  • Stability
  • Affordable
  • May Absorb More Heat

The Coleman Cobra 3 is a solid shout for hikers and anyone hitting the festivals. It’s light as a feather but tough as nails, making it just right for all the different spots we’ve got around here.

Its black-blue facade is not only sleek but also purposeful. This tent’s made of tough stuff like polyester and aluminium, so it’s got you covered whether it’s pouring rain or blazing hot. It’s got your back, come rain or shine.

Coleman Cobra In Action 1

What’s even more impressive is its UV Guard feature, offering an exceptional sun protection factor of 50+, an absolute godsend during those unusually sunny British summer days.

The wedged tunnel shape shows how much thought Coleman put into this.

This tent stands firm even when those annoying gusty winds try their best, ensuring unyielding stability.

As for the aluminium poles, they’re not just for show. They promise a breezy setup and takedown, letting you get on with your adventure without fuss.

One might wonder if such a sturdy tent would be a burden to carry. Fear not, weighing in at a mere 6.39 pounds, it’s a backpacker’s dream. Spacious enough for three yet compact in design, the Coleman Cobra 3 is the epitome of modern camping finesse, a must-have for those ready to explore the nooks and crannies of our beautiful isle.

9. OEX Lightweight Jackal II

OEX Lightweight Jackal II Tent for 2 People with Porch Storage Area
OEX Lightweight Jackal II
  • Lightweight Design
  • Waterproof
  • Breathable
  • Durable
  • Tarp Sold Separately

Are you heading out for a weekend outing or a wild camping adventure? Look no further than the OEX Jackal II Tent.

Right off the bat, its vibrant green hue resonates with nature and makes your camping spot easy to spot after a long hike. Made for two, it’s the snug retreat you’d want after a day of trekking or trudging through a festival.

OEX Lightweight 1

We all know the unpredictable nature of British summers, and this tent’s covered you.

Its waterproofing prowess is top-notch, boasting a 5000HH rating.

Say goodbye to the dread of waking up in a puddle!

What’s inside matters too. Thoughtful internal pockets mean your torch, phone, or that sneaky snack is just an arm’s length away.

Plus, the breathable fabric ensures you’re not waking up in a sweaty mess – no one wants that!

But here’s my kicker: it weighs just under 3 kilograms. Having endured my share of backaches, this is an absolute blessing. And the compact carry bag? Chuck it in your backpack, and you’re golden.

Lastly, a quick shoutout to the OEX Endura Poles – they’ve got the tent standing tall and sturdy, even when the winds get cheeky.

10. Snugpak Ionosphere Shelter Tent

Snugpak Ionosphere Shelter Tent
Snugpak Wild Camping Tent
  • Very Compact Design
  • Low Profile
  • 5000mm Waterproof Outer
  • Taped Seams
  • Lightweight
  • Lack of Extra Features

Seeking simplicity and effectiveness in a single package? Look no further than the Snugpak’s Ionosphere Shelter. Designed with the lone traveller in mind, this tent truly embodies the feel of a cosy haven.

It’s just the right kind of small for those who are always on the go, making long treks and tough ascents a bit breezier.

But the Ionosphere is more than just its compactness. Its earthy olive shade perfectly balances practicality with style, effortlessly blending with diverse landscapes, all the while exuding a touch of untamed allure.

The low profile design, coupled with a 5000mm PU-coated fly, guarantees a dry and cosy shelter, no matter the whims of the weather. A single entry ensures straightforward setup and takedown, an appreciated feature when one’s energy is better saved for the trail ahead.

Snugpak really cares about quality. They’ve gone the extra mile by taping all the seams, making sure the shelter stands up well against any rough weather. Weighing a mere 1.2kg (troll weight) and packaged at 1.52kg, its lightweight nature stands out, crucial for those constantly on the move.


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