Best Work Trousers UK: Ultimate Guide for Professionals

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In the United Kingdom, work trousers play a crucial role in the daily lives of professionals across various industries. Designed to provide comfort, durability, and functionality, the best work trousers cater to the specific needs of different professions, such as construction workers, tradespeople, and emergency service personnel. With numerous brands, styles, and leading workwear brands available in the UK market, finding the perfect pair of work trousers can be a daunting task.

This guide aims to introduce you to the top work trousers in the UK, taking into consideration factors like material, design, protective features, and price, to help you make an informed decision for your personal style and unique work requirements.

Top 10 Best Work Trousers UK

1. Scruffs Men’s Worker Plus Trousers Graphite Grey Work

Scruffs Men's Worker Plus Trousers Graphite Grey Work Utility Pants
Scruffs Mens Work Trousers
  • It is made of a mix of polyester and cotton.
  • This trouser is breathable and long-lasting.
  • It has a key loop and many pockets.
  • It has strengthened knee support for enhanced durability.
  • Some people might find the leg part too baggy.

Scruffs Men’s Worker Plus is one of the most popular names for work outfits. These work trousers clearly contribute to their excellent reputation. These are high-quality trousers. The Scruffs worker trousers are made with a mix of 35% cotton and 65% polyester. These lightweight work trousers are long-lasting and have a number of handy pockets. So you can keep things you’ll need handy while you work.

These are excellent work trousers for electricians. The knee pad slots on these work pants for electricians are kept in place by a fabric fold and Velcro allowing excellent knee protection.

There are two types of pockets: a zippered one and a push-stud closure one.

So you don’t lose your important things (wallet, keys, tools, etc.). Some pockets are open, so you can quickly access screws, nails, and store tools. There are tool-holding straps for hammers and other items.

Scruffs Work Trousers 1

There is also a strengthened knee pad pocket on these pants where you can store knee inserts. This lets you sit comfortably. The waist area is reinforced for extra safety. These lightweight Scruffs work trousers are perfect for gardening and household duties. It’s made from a mix of nylon and cotton so has a winter thermal liner and a mesh air vent to let air in. These are very durable and will last a long time.

This work trouser is machine washable. Also, these trousers are reasonably priced for their quality. These work trousers are a fantastic option for both men and women. The work trousers come in different waist sizes. Overall, this is another one of the best work trousers in the UK.

2. Oregon Yukon Chainsaw Protective Trousers

Oregon Yukon Chainsaw Protective Trousers
Oregon Work Trousers
  • This trouser is really light.
  • It is comfortable and minimizes fatigue.
  • Its high-quality materials make it long-lasting.
  • It includes big pockets for tools and mobile devices.
  • This pair of trousers is not waterproof.

The Oregon safety trouser is designed to keep you safe when you’re working outside. It’s perfect for farmers and people who use chainsaws. We are happy with how well these trousers are made. It has five layers of material to cover it. This gives you excellent safety against all kinds of dangers. The trousers are made of polyester fabric that stretches in both directions and is very sturdy. The polyester cloth is also resistant to wear, so the trousers will last long.

The work trousers are also very light, which is great. This trouser allows more movement. The flexibility of your knees and crotch also improves your movement, being able to have a comfortable straight leg.

The trousers dry quickly due to their lightweight design. You’ll love how well this trouser protects you.

It’s designed to protect you while farming. Also, the trouser is breathable enough to let fresh air in and out. You stay dry and comfortable throughout the day.

Oregon Yukon Chainsaw Protective Trousers Fuel Oil and Heat Resistant 1

The space in the trousers is perfect for carrying your gadgets. It has two large front pockets and a single large back pocket. The back pocket has a loop and hook closing to keep your belongings safe. But the trouser isn’t perfect, on hot days you may find that these trousers will still make you sweat. It is not water-resistant. So, you can’t use it when it’s raining or in places that are always wet.

But these work trousers are suitable for manual work or almost any kind of outdoor job. You can easily carry your tools in big and deep pockets. So overall, you can’t go wrong with this another one of the best work trousers on the UK market.

3. KEFITEVD Men’s Soft Shell Tactical Trousers

KEFITEVD Mens Soft Shell Tactical Trousers Warm Fleece Lining Ski Trouser Water Repellent Cargo Pants with Multi Pockets
KEFITEVD Work Trousers
  • It contains flapped hand pockets for hand relaxation.
  • Its strengthened knee area provides excellent protection.
  • Its fleece lining allows breathability.
  • This pant is waterproof, so you can work in the rain without getting wet.
  • Its floppy back pockets ruin its attractive shape.

The KEFITEVD Men’s Tactical Trouser is available in a standard fit size. It’s built of pure polyester, so durability isn’t an issue. You can rely on these work trousers. This trouser is special because of their construction. It has a good and practical tactical design. These are one of the most durable work trousers on the UK market and will motivate you to work in your garden or construction site comfortably.

The durable fabric will provide protection and also make you like the item. The fabric for the trousers is all polyester. This ensures you won’t have to buy a new one for a long time.

There is also a fleeced inner to help the fabric breathe. Also, it has a softshell for added durability. The way this clothing fits will impress you. You just order your usual size.

These work trousers are also waterproof, so you can work well in the rain or wet ground. Also, work trouser has a lot of excellent storage space.

Mens Work Trouser options

It has two flapped hand pockets up front and two large back pockets. The knee region is reinforced to offer superior protection for the joint. These waterproof trousers still have drawbacks despite their remarkable features. The loose back pockets make the outfit lose its shape.

We recommend these work trousers for all your work needs because they have great long-term qualities. It is a perfect pair for working in wet conditions and inclement weather because of its waterproof work. So, overall, this is another one of the best work trousers for all kinds of jobs.

4. TMG Men’s Work Trousers

TMG® Mens Work Trousers Long Legged Work Trousers with Knee Pad Pockets
TMG Mens Work Trousers
  • You can work at night thanks to its reflective stripes.
  • Its CORDURA knee pads promote long-term kneeling.
  • These trousers are made of durable soft fabric for added comfort.
  • Its twin folding pockets provide extra storage space.
  • It’s not good for smaller people.

The TMG Textile Company is well-known for making high-quality garments. These work trousers also have multiple pockets. They are grey, which is great for dirty situations. The strong fabric used to make this TMG work trouser gives it a high rating. The fabric is made of 50% nylon and 50% cotton. The polyester fabric makes the trouser durable. Also, the cotton is breathable, so you’ll stay dry. This is a high-quality item that will last a long time.

Also, they have a lot of pockets. This gives you enough space to store all your things. It has four pockets total, two on the front and two on the back.

It lets you arrange lots of things. It also has a cell phone pocket and two pockets for folding rules on the sides. The work trousers makers deserve praise for considering user safety.

It has pockets for knee pad insert space made of abrasion-resistant CORDURA. They keep the knees in the best position for performance. This work trouser protects your knees from long-term kneeling.

Trosuer sizes 1

Also, the lower legs and pockets have reflective stripes for nighttime work. When light shines on the lines, they light up.

Also, the trousers have long legs and an elastic belt. The stretch makes it flexible and comfortable to wear daily. It gives you the freedom to work from any angle. This work trouser is the perfect partner for gardeners and electricians.   The fabric is very strong, so the trousers will last a long. So, overall, this is another one of the best work trousers for you.

5. Uvex Tune-Up Work Trousers for Men

Uvex Tune-Up Work Trousers for Men - Breathable Lightweigh Cargo Pants with Reinforced Knee Pockets
Uvex Mens Work Trousers
  • Its light weight makes it easy to move.
  • These trousers are well made.
  • It has large pockets to provide plenty of room.
  • It is built of high-quality materials for long-term use.
  • Its confusing size is a problem for some.

UVEX is a top name when it comes to making durable work trousers. Its high-quality and long-lasting work trousers are popular with active workers. The UVEX work trouser is top-notch in every way, and you’re going to love them. The trousers have a unique feature that keeps them from getting dirty.   The trouser doesn’t need to be washed daily.

The fabric used to make these work trouser is impressive. It has 65% nylon and 35% cotton in it. The polyester material guarantees the trousers will last for a decent amount of time. Also, cotton lets air in, so you don’t sweat and smell bad when it’s hot outside.

The work trouser also has big pockets on the thighs and rear. There are also handy pockets on the inside of the legs to keep your knees in a comfortable position.

Also, these pockets include robust hook and loop closures to keep tools safe.

UVEX perfect for handy man 1

The makers of these work trousers get a big thumbs up for adding special features. The trousers are very flexible because they have stretchy parts at the sides and ankles. This trouser provides full movement and increased ventilation. You won’t sweat much when you’re working. But the trouser isn’t good for people with long legs or small kneecaps. The pants sizes are also hard to figure out. So, you should be careful when buying.

There are some minor drawbacks, but this trouser is a good option for hard workers. It stands out from other items in its price range because it doesn’t get dirty easily. It has enough space for all your things. Overall, this is another good pair of the best work trousers for gardeners and construction workers in the UK.

6. Nitras Motion Tex Plus Work Trousers for Men and Women

Nitras Motion Tex Plus Work Trousers for Men and Women Multi Pockets Elasticated Waist 1
Nitras Work Trousers
  • Its elastic waistline provides freedom of movement.
  • It is made of durable fabric.
  • Its abrasion resistance allows for extended use.
  • It has triple stitching to boost its durability.
  • Its long waistline may create discomfort.

Nitras has maintained a solid reputation since its founding in 1986. It is well-known for making high-quality workwear trousers, clothes, and safety gear for people in every industry. These workwear trousers will please any quality-conscious professional. This pair of work trousers are made of durable and premium fabric. It’s offered you top-notch support for a longer time. Also, the cloth is triple-stitched so that it can handle hard work in harsh working conditions.

The unique features of these work trousers are what make them so special. The pants also have an elastic waistband. The elastic waistband allows for maximum waist flexibility.

Also, the elastic band improves posture, making the workplace more comfortable. It also has a wonderful fit to add to its uniqueness. Always get your normal size when buying these work trousers online. 

These work trousers meet the Oko-Tex 100 standards. We are pleased to report that the trouser is free of harmful compounds. They are lightweight and breathable trousers and will keep you dry. These work trousers are machine washable. There are also a lot of pockets on these trousers.

Trousers while working 1

Although there are flaws in the outfit, the waistband is excessively long. So, it might make some people uncomfortable, especially with a high waist.

Also, shorter people shouldn’t wear trousers because they have long legs and big feet. But, this is the best pair of work trousers for working outside. It fits loosely, so you can move around in it. The robust fabric guarantees value for money. So, overall, this is another one of the best work trousers in the UK for outdoor work.

7. BKS Men’s Combat Cargo Work Trousers

BKS Mens Combat Cargo Work Trousers Size 28 to 56 with Knee Pad Pockets in Black or Navy
BKS Combat Trousers
  • These work trousers are reasonably priced.
  • They’re made of cotton and polyester.
  • There are also several carry pockets.
  • These work pants are also durable and long-lasting.
  • The waistband elastic may be too tight for some.

If you want a new pair of work trousers that look simple but stylish, look no further. You may like these BKS Men’s Combat Cargo Work Trousers. These affordable pants are a very good choice for you. BKS work trouser is a machine washable. These works trousers come in black. The materials used to make them are cotton and polyester. This makes them soft and easy to breathe in. It has an elasticated belt. So you can wear them as comfortably as practical.

There are also many carry pockets on them. There are two back pockets in addition to one on each thigh. It also has two normal side holster pockets and two pockets on the knees. It prevents discomfort and bruises for kneeling jobs. There’s also a zippered storage pocket and a space for tools or pencils.

They fit well and have plenty of hidden places for gear. You can keep tools in these work trousers with ease. They also come with two separate pockets for knee pad inserts. But the first time you put them on, the elastic may be a bit tight. So, we advise getting a size up for ease. 

Knee Pad Pockets

This pair of work trousers are affordable. So, these are cheap work trousers that are worth considering. These work pant is also strong and will last for a long time. So, overall, this is the last item on this list and one of the best work trousers in the UK.

8. MAGCOMSEN Men’s Outdoor Scratch-Resistant Tactical Pants

MAGCOMSEN Mens Outdoor Scratch Resistant Tactical Pants Lightweight Outdoor Cargo Pants Work Trousers
MAGCOMSEN Tactical Trousers
  • Its high-quality materials ensure its durability.
  • This trouser is quite comfortable.
  • This work trouser is flexible and enables mobility.
  • It contains slash pockets for quick access.
  • It has light stitches, which makes it less durable.

The outdoor work trousers for men by MAGCOMSEN are made of 97% cotton and 3% elastane. They have many zipper-locked front and back pockets, they can be used as mobile phone pockets or for storing tools. These work trousers are designed to limit waistline grip and secure items within the zipped pockets. So elastic waistbands are two way stretch fabric added to the design. This stretches easily so you can move around. Because you have so much freedom, you can do your work quickly and efficiently.

We like these trousers’ robust fabric. It features a cotton and spandex blend fabric. It allows it to provide you with exceptional and long-lasting support. Also, the cotton cloth is exceptionally breathable enough to let fresh air circulate. Its breathability keeps you dry in humid conditions, reducing bad smells.

You will also like how these work trousers pockets are set up and how it closes. It has a practical slash pattern on the back and leg pockets

The curved design makes it easy to reach your tools. Also, the front pockets have zippers for safety. and rear pockets for further storage.

Breathable Cotton 1

They are perfect for holding expensive objects like phones. This work trouser fitting also makes it stand out. The trousers fit perfectly, so you can order you’re normal size without worrying. 

The trousers are not completely waterproof, but they do resist some water. Also, the cloth is only lightly stitched, without reinforced seams which makes the trousers last less long. But these work trousers are great for doing work outside, and we really recommend them. The zippered pockets are great for securing your iPhone and supplies. This is your best choice if you want one of the best work trousers for outdoor activities.

9. Lee Cooper Men’s LCPNT205 Work Safety Classic Cargo Pants Trousers

Lee Cooper Men's LCPNT205 Heavy Duty Easy Care Multi Pocket Work Safety Classic Cargo Pants Trousers
Lee Cooper Cargo Pants
  • The loose fit allows easy movement.
  • It contains two double-walled pockets for more security.
  • The twin-needle stitching is quite strong.
  • Its robust fabric ensures longevity.
  • It features a loose top button.

Lee Cooper is our top pick for the best work trousers. Lee Cooper is an international clothing manufacturer. This company is well known all over the world for making traditional clothes. These cargo trousers also have many cargo pockets. It is a perfect outdoor work outfit. The quality of these work trousers is a huge selling point. You will like the high-quality fabric used to make it. The material used to make the trousers is strong and long-lasting.

It is made of a 245gsm polyester and cotton twill fabric, which makes it durable and long-lasting. This trouser is also super flexible. It’s loose, so you can move freely.

Also, it’s very light, which gives you excellent freedom, more movement, and flexibility. The work trouser has a lot of space for storage, so you can keep your things safe while working. This work pant has plenty of pockets.

It has two large front pockets as well as two more on the back. The ideal placement of all the storage space and pockets allows you quick access to your supplies easily.

Lee Cooper Safety Trousers

We like the high-quality stitching to extend fabric life. The fabric has double-needle stitching. It allows it to handle extreme conditions. Also, the material is easy to maintain. This work trouser has some downsides despite its great features.

The front button of the trousers doesn’t fit well, and it breaks a bit easier. In conclusion, we advise using these trousers for work-related tasks. The good stitching makes the work trousers stronger and has a tight fit for extra comfort. So, this is one of the best work trousers in the UK, and you won’t regret buying it.

10. Style Dome Women’s Dungarees Loose Casual Baggy Work Outfit

Style Dome Women's Dungarees Vintage Printed Loose Casual Baggy Sleeveless Overall Long Jumpsuit Playsuit Trousers Pants Dungaree
Baggy Work Outfit
  • Its flexible shoulder straps allow for a customized fit.
  • Its convenient pockets provide plenty of storage space.
  • The flexible fitting provides mobility.
  • It is made of high-quality fabric.
  • Little pricey

Style Doom Dungaree is a sleeveless work outfit with a loose fit for women. It is composed of 100% cotton for a secure but comfortable fit and long-lasting as possible. The dungaree work outfit comes in red and black. We like how loosely these dungarees fit. The bulginess gives you the most freedom and mobility while you’re working. If you’re expecting and still want to get some gardening done, dungarees are the way to go. You can work well with remarkable mobility.

This work outfit is made of durable cotton. It is composed of 100% cotton cloth that is very thin but still strong. The sturdiness means you can rely on the trousers for a longer period. The trouser is very lightweight to prevent discomfort. Also, the top of the dungaree has adjustable arm straps. You can change the straps to make the outfit fit you perfectly, which makes it extremely comfortable.

You can quickly tighten the belt loops or loosen the straps because they are so sturdy. Also, you don’t need someone else to help you adjust the straps. These dungarees are well-made and designed. The fabric is incredibly soft. This will keep your skin as comfortable as possible while you work. Also, the dungaree is great workwear for hot regions because it has no sleeves. This work trouser is breathable, making it cooler.

These work trousers are a bit pricey. But the dungaree is one of the best work trousers for women. Its big size gives it a lot of freedom, making it a great partner for pregnant women. Also, it lasts a long time. So, overall, you can’t go wrong with these high-quality and long-lasting work trousers.


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