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The UK is not known for being the most affordable place to live in. With the prices of everyday items constantly increasing, it can be hard to keep track of your money and still afford necessities. However, with the help of money-saving apps, it is possible to make your money go a little further.

Take a look at our Money Saving Apps below:

1. Chip App

Chip App Logo EarnSave

The Chip app helps you save money by monitoring your bank activities, detecting spare change, and immediately deposit it for you. By setting the savings level, you may either take things slowly or go ahead at full speed to save money more quickly. You may examine and fine-tune each auto-save before the app sends your savings, or you have the option even to miss a save entirely. Chip’s software will remember from your modifications and modify your future saves accordingly.

The chip provides several attractive deposit options, such as Payday Set Aside and Save Streaks. You may also withdraw cash from the app at any time. Chip also provides automated investments, but you may choose whether to use them.

2. Moneybox App

MoneyBox EarnSave

The Moneybox is Private Bank’s first amusing monetary app. Moneybox is a service that assists you in saving an attractive and necessary sum on your account. Activate the collection terms to save a small amount of money from your pay and a small amount from your purchases invisibly.

The Round-Up function in Moneybox helps you save the loose change by keeping a check on your card payments to the closest pound and saving the excess amount. You have the option of saving your money in a 45-Day Caution Account or a 95-Day Account. You have the option to switch off Round-Ups if you want to put a halt to savings or if you believe the app is taking too much away. The app also allows you to withdraw cash from the app at least once a month.

3. The Plum App

plum app logo earnsave 2

The Plum app helps estimate how much you can spare to set away and saves it for you immediately. The software provides an overview of your finances and analyses your expenditure to assist you in keeping track of your money. Plum also detects bill overpayments and can automatically transfer you to a better provider to help you save even more money. If you believe the software saves too many or too few, you may always change the amount saved.

You may also withdraw cash from the application at any time. Plum provides numerous attractive deposit options, such as Top Ups, Pay cheques, the 52-Week Saver Program, and other saving plans. If you wish to engage automatically or collect interest on your funds, Plum Plus or Plum Pro may be for you.

4. Revolut

Revolut Logo EarnSav 1

Revolut doesn’t have a physical branch. It’s what’s known as a ‘Digital Bank’. This means that you can make all the transactions through your phone or computer, without having to go to any shops or banks. You simply use an app on your phone and it will keep track of all of your banking information. It’s really easy to set up and use, too!

Revolut can save you money by making it cheaper to spend abroad. You’ll get the best exchange rate on Revolut rather than using your normal bank or getting cash out while you’re away, which means more money for fun things while you’re travelling!

You can even use it at home. The app has a spending tracker that shows exactly how much money you’ve spent every day and week, so you can stay on top of how much you’re spending. It’s perfect for making sure that you don’t go over your overdraft or spend too much money! If you’ve ever been stuck at the end of the month because you’ve gone over your limit, Revolut is a lifesaver.

The “savings vault” lets users put money inside of it. The vault has a term length, which is how long the customer’s money will be locked in. After the time period ends, they can take out all or some of their funds with no interest fees whatsoever.

5. The Monzo Bank App

Monzo Bank App EarnSave 1

Monzo Bank features a Savings Platform inside its Bank app where you may choose from among various providers and attractive interest rates to meet your savings objectives. It helps you organize your funds better, alleviates the worry of spending too much money, and even allows you to collect interest on your money. And, even though it’s an app, you can obtain support from actual people anytime you need it. The app helps you establish savings goals by collecting your loose change and immediately putting the difference into a savings pot.

6. Lumio App

Lumio App Logo EarnSave

The Lumio App is a great way to keep track and control all your bills, savings and investments all in real-time. It is a very user-friendly app that helps you stay on top of your work schedule. The Lumio App also allows you to set reminders for yourself, which is really helpful in keeping you organized.

The Lumio App has many features that can benefit users. For instance, the app allows you to view all of your bills in one place and helps you keep track of when they are due. This is really helpful for people who have a hard time staying organized. The Lumio App also gives users the ability to set up budget goals, so they can stay mindful of their spending habits. Having this information at your fingertips can help you make better financial decisions in the future. Finally, the Lumio App offers users real-time updates on their investments and savings. This means that you always know how much money you have saved and how your investments are performing. Overall, the Lumio App is a great way to stay organized and in control of your finances.

7. Snoop

Snoop App Logo EarnSave 1

Snoop is a fantastic free app to help you save money on your bills while also monitoring your spending so you can reduce costs. It’s a free, versatile tool that’s designed to detect any overspending on your bills and notify you of savings for food and utility expenses.

The app uses the information you provide (how much you spend each month) to show whether or not your spending patterns would be affected by lower tariffs or further discounts at different times of the year. This will allow you to make an informed decision about whether to contact your supplier and ask for a lower tariff plan.

The Snoop app is able to connect to your bank account so you can have everything in one place. Its taken the banking sector by storm and has been awarded ‘innovation of the year 2021’ in the British Bank Awards.

8. MoneyHub

Moneyhub logo EarnSave 2

Moneyhub is a website that provides users with information about their finances. The site includes tools to help users track their spending, budget, and save money. money hub also offers articles and videos about personal finance topics.

MoneyHub was created to help people better manage their finances and make informed decisions about their money. The website provides a variety of tools to help users do just that. Users can track their spending, create budgets, and save money.

The goal of MoneyHub is to provide users with the information they need to make sound financial decisions. Moneyhub wants its users to be able to take control of their finances and improve their overall financial wellbeing. If you’re looking for information on managing your money, then head over to MoneyHub today!

9. Tally Money

a gold backed bank 1

Tally Money is an online platform that allows users to create a unique digital wallet and keep their money in one digital account. Users can deposit money in the Tally Money app and transfer money instantly to their friends and family. Users can also use the payment platform to make instant and simple micropayments to the people they love. The future of money and financial freedom are in your hands with Tally Money!

Tally Money is a team of passionate software developers and blockchain enthusiasts who believe that money should be accessible and digital. To make this dream a reality, they have created the Tally Money app. The app makes it easy for people to save, spend, and share money digitally. With a Tally Money account, your money will be accessible anywhere you have an Internet connection.

Currently offering a one-year fixed-rate savings account with a 2% return on your GBP deposit

10. Emma

Emma App Logo EarnSave 1

Emma is a money budgeting program that enables you to manage your spending and identify any gaps that need to be filled. This app is perfect for emphasizing where all of your cash goes.  Before you can make adjustments, you must first understand how you are spending your money and where you can save the money.

The app lets you budget wisely from paycheck to paycheck, and you can monitor your expenditure by department, organize bills and memberships, and prevent excess spending.

11.  Raisin

Raisin Logo EarnSave 1

Raisin UK is free, user-friendly savings account app that links you with different banks that provide secure payments savings accounts with attractive and high-interest rates. With Raisin, you can register for multiple savings accounts and manage them all from one place, with no fees. Once enrolled, you may select any of your various savings accounts without having to fill out a new registration form every time you want to open an account, encouraging users to save more money. Users can choose between various easily accessible savings accounts and improve their saving patterns by a more significant margin.

When you open an account, you will be able to claim a £50 welcome bonus.

12. Curve

Curve App Logo EarnSave 1

The curve is a great money-saving app based in the UK, allowing users to use it even while travelling abroad. What makes the curve unique is that you can make any transaction with only one card and even allow access to withdraw money from the ATM from anywhere in the world. A few other easy-to-use features help the app gain popularity. You can link your Google, Samsung, Apple, or any different account for your convenience.

It provides fantastic customer protection services like paying upto100,000 pounds if you run into a problem.

13. Currensea

Currensea Logo Earnsave 1

With the Currensea card, you can save money on FX fees even while travelling abroad. They also provide 85% to 100% saving on these FX fees. The best part about this app is that you don’t have to sign up for an account or anything like that. You can even withdraw money from the ATM free of charge, and withdrawal up to 750 pounds is allowed.

14. Monese

Monese App Logo EarnSave

Next in line is Monese. It is a fantastic app offering two ways for the user to save money. You can either save money by pots or by interest; the home is yours. With banks, you won’t earn any good, but it is q great way of saving up as you can even save your changes, and it would amount up to a more excellent value by the end. You have to upload a picture and your ID to sign up, and you’re good to go!

With Monese, you can quickly and easily access all of your important account information in one place. Plus, with Monese’s convenient notification system, you can stay up-to-date on all of your account activity no matter where you are. Don’t miss a thing – download Monese today!

15. Starling Bank App

Starling Bank App Logo 2

The Starling Bank App has a feature known as ‘saving space,’ which allows the users to save money aside from their main account. You can even set goals and save a certain amount of money. You can customize this ‘space’ as you like so that you can save the maximum amount of money you can. And the best thing about this feature is that you will still be able to earn interest on your savings.

Best Way To Save Money In The UK

Budget Planner

Every household in the UK should keep a budget planner to help save money. Budget planners are simple tools for all people who need to manage their income and expenditure. With a budget planner, you can monitor your income, expenditure and savings. You can also use the budget planner to help plan ahead for big expenses that are coming up

You should make sure that you understand how much money is coming in (income) and how much is going out (expenditure). This will allow you to make sure that your budget planner is balanced, you are saving money and that there is not too much month at the end of your money.

Keeping an accurate record of your income and expenses can be difficult to do on paper as some transactions don’t occur frequently enough to make it easy to remember what they were. Some people use spreadsheets or apps to record their income and expenditure.

You can use the above apps to assist with your budgeting, we have chosen to use Starling Bank Account based on dividing your money into spaces within the app. Use spaces to divide the amount of food that you will spend within the month.

Monitor Your Spending Regularly

Being able to monitor what you spend on a regular basis is one of the keys to success with budgeting.

If you don’t know where your money is going, it’s almost impossible to save for things like vacations or retirement. By the time you actually get around to saving, you’ll find that your goals are slipping further and further away.

Monitor your spending regularly, so whenever an unexpected bill pops up or something comes up that tempts you into overspending, you can easily see how much money is left in each category. When this happens, just be aware of what’s happening. Don’t make snap decisions about whether or not you should buy something – instead, take a few minutes to examine your budget (which should be readily available on your phone check out some other options for saving money.

Once you start making a habit of monitoring your spending regularly, you’ll be surprised how quickly you can cut down on unnecessary purchases and save more for the things that truly matter to you. Just remember not to beat yourself up when this happens – it’s very easy to slip back into old habits, so if something comes up and tempts you into overspending, just try your best to keep a cool head and re-evaluate your options. Once you have a nice little nest egg going, you’ll wonder what took so long!

Make a Shopping List

Make a shopping list of the groceries you need, and stick to it when buying food. This list can be as simple as writing down what you need, or using an app on your phone to create a shopping list that tracks your spending.

By planning ahead, you will not be tempted to make impulse purchases of items that aren’t on your list. Better yet, get rid of your credit card and only take cash to the store with you. It will force you to stick to your list because even if you have the money in your bank account you won’t be able to purchase anything without it.

Don’t go shopping when hungry If your stomach is growling during a grocery trip, plan on eating before or after rather than buying extra groceries that will spoil before you get home.

Switch Energy Supplier

It’s easy to get stuck with one company for years, but did you know that after a certain point it might be cheaper for you to switch suppliers? Check out what deals are available in your area and consider making the change.

Switching suppliers is a lot easier than it was in the past. With online comparison sites, there are plenty of options to find a better deal for your gas and electricity tariff.

Customer service can play an important part when you’re choosing a new energy supplier, so make sure you check whether the company has good reviews from previous customers.

You can also save money on your bills by reviewing your energy usage. Making adjustments to how much electricity or gas you use is a lot easier than it used to be. There are online sites that will generate customized reports based on the records of your yearly energy consumption.

Uswitch – A best online energy comparison website

Use Comparison Websites

Compare comparison websites below to find the best prices for a list of common products including car insurance, broadband, energy and savings accounts. You can also compare credit card deals or use any of these comparison sites to find a cheaper travel deal if you’re going away this year.

The best comparison websites in the UK:

MoneySuperMarket – MoneySuperMarket is a company that helps people save money on their bills and get the best deals on financial products. They offer a wide range of services, including car insurance, travel insurance, energy supplier comparisons and mortgages.

GoCompare – GoCompare is a popular comparison website for insurance, energy and other services.

Confused – is one of the leading price comparison sites in the UK. The site was launched by two entrepreneurs to help people find cheap car insurance, gas and electricity, broadband and mobile phone deals.

Swap Expensive Items For Cheap Alternatives

How often have you bought something expensive, only to find a much cheaper alternative available? This is not necessarily because the cheap version of an item works better than its more expensive counterpart. It’s just as likely that the company that sells it has put in some clever marketing into getting people to buy their product instead. Don’t be fooled that price means better quality this can be an illusion.

Check below for the best places to purchase items for cheaper without losing the quality:

Primark – the British high street store provides reasonably priced unbranded clothing. Primark sells clothes for both men and women and children’s clothing. It is a subsidiary of the company Associated British Foods.

Everything 5 Pounds – a UK-based online store that sells clothing, accessories and homeware – is a great example of this. The prices for items on the website start at just £0.25 and there is no need to pay delivery charges on orders over £20. The website also has a large range of options available, meaning it is a great place to buy affordable clothing for yourself or as gifts.

Lidl & Aldi – are supermarkets that are known for their low prices. Lidl & Aldi are German supermarket chains, which have locations all over Europe and also in the United Kingdom. Offering unbranded food for low prices, the stores are known for being able to keep costs low because they do not spend heavily on advertisements.

Download Lidl Plus & Aldi Apps for weekly coupons and discounts

Facebook Marketplace – is a place where people can buy and sell items, connecting buyers directly to sellers. Facebook Marketplace is the online version of trading in person with your neighbours. The reason Facebook Marketplace is a great place to buy inexpensive items, such as furniture clothing and electronics much cheaper than in-store or online.

Walk, Cycle or Take Public Transport

We all know that cars are expensive, but did you know that they’re also a drain on your wallet in other ways too? For one thing, going to work by car can be surprisingly costly if you consider parking charges – whereas if you walk, cycle or use public transport, it’ll cost nothing.

It’s also a benefit to your health, moving your body will keep you fit and healthy. Improving your mood and the amount of energy you have.

As an added bonus, walking or cycling to work is good for your mental health too. Having some time to yourself, with no technology and no noise is a great way to clear your head before starting your day. So next time you’re wondering if you can afford to buy that new car, think about all of the other ways it’ll be costing you too!

Cut Down on Dining Out Or Takeaway

If you do not keep an eye on your food spending, it is easy to overspend on dining out or buying takeaway. Try these tips to help you save:

1) Bring your lunch from home instead of buying it out. This can save you a lot of money in the long run. Only go out to eat if you have a coupon or there is a special deal. Check restaurant menus online before you go so that you know what prices to expect.

2) Skip the appetizers and drinks when you do eat out. These are often very expensive items on the menu.

3) Look for restaurants that offer discounts for large groups. This can help cut down on your dining costs significantly.


Taste Card 2 for 1 & 50% Off

Free 60 Day Trial

4) Avoid buying food from convenience stores or fast-food restaurants. These items are generally much more expensive than if you bought them from a grocery store.

5) Check restaurant menus online before you go so that you know what prices to expect.

Quit Smoking

Quitting smoking is a great way to save money, and it will benefit your health too. Smoking is an expensive habit, and it can be difficult to quit. However, the benefits of quitting are worth the effort.

The average smoker spends around £2000 per year on cigarettes. If you quit smoking, you will save that money immediately. In addition, your health will improve dramatically. Quitting smoking reduces your risk of heart disease, lung cancer, and other diseases.

Quitting smoking is not easy, but it is definitely worth the effort. The benefits of quitting are huge, and you will feel better both physically and mentally when you stop smoking. So if you want to save money and improve your health, quitting smoking is a great option!

Use Discount Codes & Vouchers

Save money by scouring the internet for discount codes and vouchers to use with your online orders.

Here are some of the best places to go for getting discount codes and vouchers:

Groupon  – Offering great deals for all kinds of items, plus voucher codes for even more savings.

HotUkDeals – Find best vouchers & coupons provided by other users in the United Kingdom

Voucher Codes – Find the UK’s best voucher codes & discounts from the top retailers

Honey Chrome Extension – Automatically apply discounts when shopping online

Use Cashback Websites

Sites offering cashback have been a popular way to save money online for some time now, and it’s also possible to cash in on the money-saving trend by shopping via a cashback site at bricks and mortar stores too.

Cashback websites pay you a percentage of your spending back as ‘cash’ once you complete certain tasks such as buying something from a store or signing up for their credit card. The idea is that the extra bit of money will make you more likely to buy from their store or use their product. In reality, most users are simply after discounts but there’s no harm in getting paid for every purchase made with a company. There are plenty of free cashback sites, while some sites will offer you a welcome bonus when you open an account.

TopCashBack – The best cashback website in the United Kingdom

QuidCo – Another honourable cashback website that provides great returns


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