No Risk Matched Betting – Step By Step Guide (2023)

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If you’re looking for a way to make some extra money, Matched Betting might be the best place to start. It’s an easy-to-use system that anyone can utilise, from beginners to advanced bettors. What’s more, it takes just a couple of hours per week to maintain, and the potential profits are huge.

This guide tells you what you need to know without fluff or filler. No gambling experience is necessary to understand the concepts outlined here. If you have basic maths and want to learn matched betting, this could be the most profitable introduction to betting you’ll ever read. The best part about Match Betting is that it’s completely tax-free, so you get to keep all of your profits!

What Is Matched Betting?

What Is Matched Betting EarnSave 1

Matched Betting is a strategy used by bettors to take advantage of bookmakers free bets on sports. This strategy allows you to gamble for free using the bookie’s offers and promotions. In other words, you place a back bet on an event at one bookmaker, then bet on that same outcome at the exchange to cancel out your losses from the first bet and receive your free bet.

Once you receive your free bet, you will repeat the process again. Because you have a free bet this time, you will use a betting calculator to work out how much profit you will receive. You can start with as little as £20 but keep in mind that the more capital you have, the higher your profit will be.

What is a Back Bet?

A back bet is a wager that the outcome of a sports event will occur. For example, if Manchester City is playing Liverpool, you may wish to place a back bet on Manchester City to win. If Manchester City loses or draws the match, you will lose the bet and the money you placed.

What is a Lay Bet?

With a lay bet, you’re betting that something won’t happen in a sports event. So if Manchester City and Liverpool are playing again, you lay Manchester City this time. If Manchester City loses or draws, then you will win your wager. The reason is you’re going against Manchester City to win the match, so if any other option occurs (Loss/Draw), then you have won the bet.

What Is The Difference Between a Qualifying Bet and a Free Bet?

What Is The Difference Between a Qualifying Bet and a Free Bet 1

One of the first tasks you will be faced with when learning about matched betting is to understand what the difference is between a qualifying bet and a free bet. But don’t worry, it’s not as complicated as it may seem.

Let’s begin by having a quick look at what the terms ‘qualifying’ and ‘free’ mean in everyday life. These two words are often used interchangeably, but they actually have specific meanings. Simply put, if something is described as being “free”, then that means there are no conditions or restrictions attached to using or receiving it; whereas “qualifying” means although this thing may generally be available, there is something you must do before it becomes active or available to you.

Matched betting is a mathematical process. Free bets are essentially gifts from bookmakers, they want to entice new customers and keep existing ones. Bookmakers do not offer free bets straight away, they ask you to complete certain tasks before you can use them. These tasks are called ‘ qualifiers ‘. If the qualifiers are completed successfully then your account will be credited with the free bet offer.

The qualifying bet may lead to a small loss and that doesn’t matter. The idea here is to qualify for the free bet so we can make a guaranteed profit.

Why Do Bookmakers Offer Free Bets?

Why do bookmakers offer free bets 1

Well-known bookmakers offer new customers a free bet when they open a new account. This is because bookmakers want you as a customer for life, and they’ll do whatever it takes to lock in their business!

The free bet is offered to encourage you to give their service a try.

Once you’ve given the bookie you’ve chosen ago, they’ll likely ask you to deposit some money into your new betting account so that you can bet with ‘real’ cash. They’re hoping that once you start spending real money with them, they will win your loyalty and business for life!

Is Matched Betting Completely Risk-Free?

If you make bets correctly, then matched betting is entirely risk-free. Human error is the most common reason for any losses. In reality, trading on the free bet market necessitates a lot of discipline, which drastically lowers risk.

Simply make sure you’re aware that odds fluctuate on a second-by-second basis, which implies that if you want to be successful at matched betting, you must be totally immersed, or this might lead to mistakes and subsequently losses.

Is matched betting legal 1

Yes, matched betting is legal.

Yes, matched betting is completely legal. There are no laws against matched betting in the UK or anywhere else in the world. The whole business revolves around taking advantage of sign up offers to bookmakers so that you can turn free bets and bonuses into cold hard cash. It’s effectively arbitrage – where you exploit differences between bookmaker odds to guarantee yourself a risk-free profit regardless of the outcome of an event.

Matched betting is not illegal because nothing stops people from using it. The gambling industry often uses ‘operators’ who hunt for new customers to entice into their site by offering them lucrative signup offers (free bets & bonuses). These operators are regulated under the Gambling Commission, but they cannot provide anyone with a signup offer without checking their age, location and identity. So you will only be offered a signup offer if you are at least 18 years old, live in the UK & have your identity verified.

Do You Pay Tax On Matched Betting?

Matched betting is completely tax-free and you will not have to notify the taxman of any winnings that you make.

Take a look at our guide on Casino Offers Matched Betting

Does Matched Betting Affect Credit Score?

Does Matched Betting Affect Credit Score 1

Matched betting has no impact on your credit score as long as you don’t borrow money.

As long as you do not borrow money from personal or payday lenders, your credit score will not be affected.

Don’t be tempted into taking out a loan to increase your earnings on Matched Betting; even if you’re betting smaller amounts, the returns are very profitable.

When you signup to betting websites, they will complete a soft credit check to confirm your age and your address as a legal requirement. Soft credit checks will not affect your credit score as they are not seen by companies.

Does Matched Betting Affect Your Mortgage Application?

The short answer is no, matched betting will not affect your mortgage application.

Matched betting is a legal and regulated activity in the UK, so there is no reason why it would have any negative effect on your mortgage application. In fact, many people who use matched betting to make extra money are also homeowners.

Mortgage lenders will want your payslips and bank statements so it’s advised that you use a different bank account for matched betting. The reason is, matched betting to a mortgage lender is considered gambling or betting and they may be more inclined to ask questions.

Utilising matched betting is a great way to earn some extra cash while you are looking for a home.

How Long Does Matched Betting Take?

If you’re a complete beginner and want to learn the basics of matched betting, then this would take a couple of hours to understand. I always think the best way to learn is while you’re going through the process of matched betting. Using Oddsmonkey or Profit Accumulator learning content and videos is the best walkthrough for you to learn and understand the concept of matched betting.

So, in theory, the initial free bets provided on both Oddsmonkey and Profit Accumulator are profit-making bets and a learning experience to build your knowledge.

How Much Money Can I Make From Matched Betting?

How Much Money Can I Make From Matched Betting 1

Matched betting is a guaranteed way to make money for beginners and experienced matched bettors alike. When I started match betting and learned the ropes, I drove around £500 a month through betting on sports. This is while still trying to get my head around how to maximise profits.

When I realised the potential of casino offers, 2ups and accumulator bets, I made at least £1000 a month.

Keep in mind that once the initial signup offers are completed, it will become slightly harder to maximise profits.

How Much Money Should I Start With On Matched Betting?

Depends on how aggressive you want to be, if you are still learning then it’s best to focus on lower odds on the free bets. If you want to maximise each free bet then having a large bankroll will indeed lead to larger profits.

Can You Still Make Money After Completing Sports Signup Offers?

The most lucrative part of Match Betting is the initial signup offers that betting websites provide when you first sign up. Once they are completed, you will be completing reload offers and email offers. There is still money to be made, but it will be more complex and take more offers to continue making a good amount of money. It’s doable as long as you learn all the different techniques of match betting to get on top of the game.

Can You Make A Living From Matched Betting?

Can You Make A Living From Matched Betting 1

Making a living from matched betting is possible but very risky. I wouldn’t quit my day job. The fact is, that matched betting does not take too much time each day to make a good income. But that’s precisely what it is, a side income.

I would advise that you take matched betting as a side hustle or part-time job if you want to look at it like that.

If you think that you could live off your winnings, then you’re placing yourself in a position where you’re taking a large amount of risk day by day. The risk is high because, at any stage, bookmakers could ban or restrict your account. This term is called being ‘gubbed’ in matched betting.

The people making a living from the matched betting use dirty tactics to achieve such income. This could include using multiple accounts to maximise their monthly profits, and even then, there is a risk of getting restricted or wholly banned altogether.

What Is The Best Match Betting Calculator?

Now that we understand the process, we need to use a matched betting service that will provide us with the best free bets calculator that will assist us with working out what bets to make and the amount of profit on each bet.

Bottom Line
teamprofit logo
Team Profit
Free Option
Free Trial
Bottom Line
TeamProfit is Free!
No Premium Membership
5* Casino Offers
Doesn’t Have All The offers
Basic Calculator
Missing Oddsmatcher
oddsmonkey logo
Odds Monkey
Premium/Free Trial
Free Trial
Bottom Line
Very good all-round
Casino Offers
Data Analysis
Horse Racing Offers
Profit Tracker
No Balance Tracker
Missed Offers Compared With PA
Profit Accumulator
Premium/Free Trial
Free Trial
Bottom Line
Just wins by a margin!
More Profitable Offers
Match Catcher
Active Forum
Slightly More Expensive
Profit Estimate Less Accurate
Calculators You won’t Use

TeamProfit is entirely free and, for that reason, is a great website to use on top of either Odds Monkey or Profit Accumulator. If you want to maximise your profits, using all the above accounts would be great.

Oddsmonkey Vs Profit Accumulator

Profit Accumulator and Oddsmonkey are very similar in every way and both would be a great addition to a match bettors arsenal. It’s down to personal preference, but we like Profit Accumulators’ design, active forum and the number of offers available with realistic profit estimates.

EarnSave conducted fundamental research on both Profit Accumulator and Oddsmonkey and determined that Profit Accumulator is proven to make you more money. They have better reload offers and will maximise your profits in the long run.

Is Profit Accumulator A Scam?

Profit Accumulator Review 2

Profit Accumulator is not a scam.

Profit Accumulator functions as a betting calculator. The software takes your bets and calculates the exact amount that you will win (or lose), making use of all currently available offers and price boosts. It’s very unlikely, if not impossible, to make any profitable matched bets without using software like Profit Accumulator or an equivalent.

Profit Accumulator launched in 2014 and has had hundreds of thousands of signup since its inception.

Is OddsMonkey A Scam?

Oddsmonkey Review 1

Oddsmonkey is a matched betting company that aims to provide its users with high-quality, profitable offers for them to ‘match’ to make risk-free bets. Like Profit Accumulator, Oddsmonkey has an excellent oddsmatcher that you can find profitable bets at the bookmakers.

Step By Step Match Betting Guide

1) Register A New Email Address

When you start Match Betting, it is wise to create an entirely new email address that you can use when signing up to all the different betting websites. You do this because you will be signing up to multiple sites that will constantly be sending you offers. Using an email address just for Match Betting will avoid any missed opportunities in the future and clog up your primary email address.

Also has the added benefit of specifically receiving emails through an email address without missing out on free bet opportunities.

2) Register With Betfair and Smarkets Exchange

Betfair Logos
Smarkets Logo

Go to Smarkets Exchange and press ‘register’ (Make sure you complete the £10 Welcome Bonus). Fill in your details and verify your email address (this can be done immediately after registering just by clicking the link sent to you), then log into Smarkets.

You can complete the same process for signing up to the Betfair Exchange who offer a Bet £10 on the exchange and receive £30 in free bets.

Betfair Free Bet

Betfair free bet

Bet £10 and Get £30 Free Bets

These two exchanges will be the main betting websites where you will be placing your ‘lay’ bets. As you will be using mainly one exchange its best to deposit a good amount into your exchange account to cover a few bookmaker free bets

Experience match bettors will keep their money in the exchange and withdraw in the standard betting websites.

3) Register With Coral

Coral Bet 5 and Get 20 Free Bet

Go to the Coral website, the link will take you to the free bet offer and click ‘register’. You’ll need to deposit some money, we recommend depositing the minimum sum at first, which is £10. The Coral offer of bet £5 and receive £20 free bets means the minimum deposit of £10 is sufficient. Once logged in, click on ‘My Account’ at the top of the page, then choose the ‘Deposit’ option.

Coral Logo

Coral Free Bet

Bet £5 and Recieve £20 Free Bets

You can deposit debit card, Paypal and Paysafecard

Coral Payment Options

4) Change The Odds

With match betting, you will need to change the odds of all the bookmakers you will be placing bets at. The reason for this is because it’s much easier to input the match odds into the oddsmatcher calculator at Oddsmonkey or Profit Accumulator.

Matched Betting
  1. Click on Account in the Top Right
  2. Go To Settings
  3. Press Betting Settings
  4. Select Decimal

The process will be slightly different for other bookmakers but it’s important to change the odds to make Matched Betting easier.

5) Finding Matches To Bet On

After you’ve deposited some money into your Coral and Betfair account it’s now time to look for some bets.

You’ll need to have an idea of what match you want to bet on, so firstly go onto Profit Accumulator oddsmatcher and see what odds are available for the match/event you want to bet on. If no odds are shown it means that there are no bookmakers currently offering odds on that match/event.

What Odds Should I Pick For Qualifying Bet and Free Bet?

Qualifying bet – you should choose low odds for the qualifying bet to ensure you make the lowest amount of loss possible

Free Bet – When you are placing a free bet you want to choose the highest amount of odds that you can afford to maximise your potential profit. Bear in mind though, that the higher the odds are the more money you will require in your lay account (Betfair).

Qualifying Bet

Your qualifying bet is made to receive the bookmaker’s free bet offer. You will be looking for a match/sport to break even on or to make a small profit. Don’t worry about making a small loss on the qualifying bet. The focus here is to complete the requirements to receive the free bets from the bookmakers.

Let’s take a look at Profit Accumulator OddsMatcher for an example:

QualBet England New

We are using Corals Bet £5 and receive £20 free bets and for the exchange, we will be using Betfair to lay the qualifying bet and the free bet after. Make sure you select only Coral on the bookie and Betfair on the exchange. This will show you the best odds for both.

San Marino Vs England has low odds which for the qualifying bet is a good choice to make. The bet is for under 8.50 goals to occur in the match which is called over-under market type. The rating of the match is high at 99.20% so we are only making a small loss on our qualifying bet.

Below we have a table with the meaning:

Event Name
The Event name shows you what match, horse race or another event showing odds between the bookie and exchange that you have selected
Market Type
This will show what type of bet that you are required to make. This could be match odds, over-under etc.
With the bookie, you will be placing a back bet
With the exchange, you will be placing a lay bet. Example exchanges are Betfair, Smarkets, Matchbooker and Betdaq
Bookie Odds
Live odds at the bookie which for this particular event is Coral with the bet £5 get £20 free bets
Back Odds
Live odds at the exchange which is Betfair
The spread is the difference between the bookmaker back odds and the exchange lay odds. The closer the spread is to 100%, the more closely they are linked in value.
Availablity provides the amount of liquidity that’s in the exchange and needs to be monitored to be able to make a lay bet. If the availability is low there will not be enough liquidity to complete the exchange bet.
SNR stands for Stake Not Returned and is usually for free bets that you place and means that the stake is not returned. In other words, you will not receive the free bet as well as your profits as you usually do if you place a standard bet with your own money.

OddsMatcher Calculator

QualBet England Vs Calculator

The Oddsmatcher has an easy to use calculator that you can click to determine how much you will lay against your back bet of £5 at Coral. The Calculator states that at 1.18 odds at Betfair you should lay a stake of £5.22. No Matter if the back or lay bet wins you will return a loss of £0.04. As stated previously, making a loss is not a problem as long as you keep the cost low.

Let’s Place our bets on Coral and Betfair

6) Placing Your Bet

We have chosen San Marino vs England with Under 8.5 goals being scored on the match.

Odds change on a second by second basis so act quickly but efficiently so you place the bet on correct odds

Placing Qualifying Bet at Coral

Go to Corals website and click on Football or use A – Z for the particular sport you have chosen

Coral Football Finder

Find your sports market:

Coral QualBet P1
Coral QualBet P2

Over/Under Total Goals Scored – Under 8.5 at 1.18 Odds

Select the odds and place a bet of £5 on Coral

Coral Betslip

Placing Qualyfying Bet at Betfair

Betfair Selection

We have placed a back bet for under 8.5 goals to be scored, now we need to lay against under 8.5 goals to be scored. So we are betting against teams scoring under 8.5 goals in the match.

Click on odds of 1.18 odds and as stated in Profit Accumulator Calculator, place a lay bet of £5.22. Make sure the odds have not changed and confirm that the bet has gone through. As this market has enough liquidity then we shouldn’t have a problem placing this bet.

Now that the back bet and the lay bet has been confirmed you will need to wait until the end of the match for the result. As stated in the Profit Accumulator calculator we are expecting a loss of £0.04 no matter the outcome of the bet. This is ok, we are only looking to reduce the loss as much as possible in the Qualifying bet.

Net profit: £0.04

7) Placing A Free Bet

The free bet is where the money is made, take into account your odds and keep an eye on the availability of the lay market.

Let’s take a look at our example:

Free Bet Man Utd vs

This time you will have free bets in Coral that you will be able to use to place on a sporting event. We have chosen Watford vs Manutd, remember free bets do not give you back your stake.

Let’s take a look at the profit accumulator calculator:

Free Bet Calculator

We have chosen reasonably high odds for a beginner match better to use, if we chose Atlanta vs Spezia with higher odds are lay bet and the liability would be significantly higher with a total liability of £184.92 with a profit of £15.10 as seen below.

If we chose laybet 2

If you chose higher odds you would make a profit of 0.49p more then if you chose the odds that we have selected for this example. This may not sound like a lot but experienced match bettors will benefit from larger profits in the long run. If you’re new to match betting, its always a good idea to focus on reduced odds as this avoids losses if you complete a bet in error. Because the liability is higher if you choose higher odds you reduce the level of money lossed if you are still learning and make an error.

When placing the Free bet, the process is exactly the same as completing the qualifying bet. However, this time on Coral you select the free bets option rather then placing your own money on the bet.

8) Calculating Your Profits

Qualyfying BetFree Bet Total

With Corals welcome offer free bet, we have made a total of £14.60 in profit.

Betting calculators make this easy for us to work out our returns on completing a bet. If you use Profit Accumulator or Oddsmonkey, you can use their profit tracker to keep track of the earnings through matched betting.

I liked to track my profits in a notebook, but this is down to personal preference.

9) Withdrawing Your Profits 

Once the outcome of a bet has been completed, you can now withdraw your profits from either the bookmaker or the exchange. If the exchange wins, then it would be a good idea to keep the profits in your account for the next matched bet. This is because the more money you keep in the exchange the higher odds you can go for and the faster you can complete multiple

What Is The Most Profitable Bookmaker?

There are 100s of bookmakers to choose from when going through all the welcome offers in matched betting. But not all of them are worthy of match betting.

One of our favourites that makes you the most money is the Bet365 welcome offer. Depending on how much liability you can cover you can make upwards of £80+

bet365 earnsave

Bet 365 Offer Best Free Bet

Bet £10 & Get £50 in Free Bets

How To Avoid Being Gubbed From Betting Websites

How To Avoid Being Gubbed From Betting Websites 1

In Matched Betting, having full access to your account is required to maximise profits. Bookmakers monitor the bets that you place and if they suspect that you’re utilising match betting techniques, they will have no problem restricting or suspending your account. This is called being ‘gubbed’ by the bookmaker and when this occurs you will not be able to make bets as much as you previously could. Leading to a decrease in profits and ultimately the end of your matched betting journey.

Tips On How To Avoid Being Gubbed In Matched Betting

Betting websites monitor your betting activity by using algorithms to identify unusual patterns from their users. Some will monitor for large stakes, others may monitor how much you bet whether you win or lose. In many cases, it’s unlikely that a monitoring system would flag up a genuine matched bettor as there are so many people who place bets on different events every day. But there are other ways in reducing Matched Betting for bookmakers.

Bookmakers will target accounts that are making money and will either investigate the account further or restrict it. Being ‘gubbed by a bookmaker means they have grown suspicious of your betting habits and determined you more detrimental to their business model. That could be because you are only placing bets on promotional offers or you’re only losing a small amount but winning larger profits regularly

Bookmakers are out to make profits like any business, so if a betting account is not profitable for them or suspicious then they will restrict or suspend your account within a heartbeat.

1) Place ‘Mug Bets’ Regularly

A ‘mug bet’ at the bookmakers is a technique used to give the impression that youre a casual account with no intention of taking advantage of the free bets. The idea is to fool the algorithims and bookmaker that you are still profitable to them.

Place your bet at the bookies on a market without any special offers or free bets. To limit your losses, you may utilise ‘Arbitrage Betting,’ which is essentially Matched Betting without the free bets. Arbitrage betting is simply profiting from market inefficiencies through placing bets at the correct odds. To reduce attention, you could find a bookmaker and an exchange where you make a large bet with low loss or even profit. The bookmaker would see the account making them money which means you could benefit greatly.

2) Round Up Bets In The Exchange

The Matched Betting calculator is a very useful tool and provides precise bets to place to achieve a profitable outcome. However, with something so good bookmakers have learned to monitor such precise bets.

Round Up Your Lay Bet 1 1

Lets take a look at our free £20 bet with Coral, placing a lay bet of £16.79 on Betfair once will not hurt anyone. But if youre using Betfair to lay bet for your other free bets, then this may raise some suspicions on your intentions of using Betfair.

Make sure to round up your lay bet every now and then to reduce the changes of being a target for a restriction or suspension.

The number of exchanges you can use is low so this maybe a wise decision if you want to keep your account fully active.

Choosing popular markets that most account holders will usually bet on will reduce the chances of alerting bookmakers. You have to act like a ‘mug better’ to achieve longevity of your account

4) Reduce The Amount Of Times You Make Withdrawals

Withdrawing profits regularly will not put you at good standing with the bookmaker. If you can afford to, keep your winnings stored in your account to show your intention of using it for further bets in the future. You don’t need to use the money for bets but the bookmaker wont pay as much attention to you, reducing your change of getting ‘gubbed’

5) Use Mug Depositing

Mug depositing is the term used when you deposit more then the free bet or promotion requires. For example, the Coral free bet of ‘Bet £5 and get £20 free bets’ offer, instead of just depositing £5 to your account choose a higher amount like £10 or £20 to conceal your intentions of targetiing the free bet.

6) Dont Take The Full Value Of The Offer

If you have a promotion that states ‘Risk Free Bet Up To £30’ then only place a bet of £20 instead of £30 to show you are not maximising your profits at the bookmaker.

7) Place Your Bets Close To An Event

As a match bettor you should be organised and concise but you also have to bear in mind that the bookmakers also have a job to do. They are always looking out for accounts that complete unusual bets. Therefore, again as we have said before, you must act and think like a normal bettor and that means placing bets hours before or inplay. This will give them the impression that you fall into ‘mug bettor’ territory.

I hope the above helps, but above all else make sure you think like a standard bettor. If you stay within the realms of the standard bettor and don’t go to crazy, your account should keep going forever.

Should I Use Multiple Accounts For Matched Betting?

Using more than one account to match bet is against bookmakers terms and conditions and is considered a grey area legally. I would advise you not to do it, if you do get caught by the bookmakers you’re highly likely going to be permanently banned from betting altogether.

Multi-accounting is using friends or family members details to signup to bookmakers and taking advantage of the free signup offers and reload offers that you may have completed on your own account.

I have known people to use more than one account to match bet and from the sounds of it, they are making a good amount of money from it. They use a VPN to conceal their IP address and register bank accounts in their friends/family members names.


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