Top 10 Part-Time Jobs for Students in the UK

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Working part-time as a student in the UK offers valuable work experience, income and skills development while managing studies. Many students do this to cover living expenses or save for future goals. However, it’s crucial to balance work and studies to maintain academic performance.

The UK provides diverse part-time job opportunities, from retail to tutoring. Be aware of legal requirements like maximum weekly work hours during term time. Seek work aligned with your interests or future career goals for relevant experience and improved employability post-graduation.

First Some Tips

A great CV for students will highlight relevant skills and experiences that are applicable to the job you are applying for. This involves detailing prior work engagements, internships, volunteer commitments, or extracurricular involvements that highlight your competencies and strong work ethic. Furthermore, it’s crucial to underscore transferable proficiencies such as communication, teamwork and time management.

Proactivity in your job search is key, including networking, attending job fairs, utilising online job platforms and leveraging social media for opportunities. Don’t hesitate to initiate contact with potential employers, diligently follow up on applications and interviews, and maintain an adaptable and open-minded approach when evaluating job prospects. Keep in mind that part-time roles can be invaluable for gaining experience and cultivating essential skills for your future career.

1. Retail Associate

A part-time retail associate job in the UK is an excellent choice for students for several compelling reasons. Employment in the retail sector equips individuals with invaluable customer service and communication skills, which hold universal applicability across diverse industries and future career trajectories.

Moreover, it presents a practical opportunity to accumulate work experience and cultivate vital competencies such as teamwork, problem-solving and time management, all of which are highly transferable and beneficial in the professional world.

Lastly, many retail positions come with the perk of employee discounts, which can significantly aid students in saving money on their purchases, making it a financially sensible choice.

2. Tutor

Next, tutoring stands out as an excellent part-time job choice since tutoring serves as an opportunity for students to solidify their own knowledge and abilities through the act of teaching others. Engaging in tutoring can deepen their comprehension of the subject matter while simultaneously enhancing their communication and interpersonal skills.

What’s more, tutoring allows students to amass invaluable work experience and foster transferable skills such as problem-solving, adaptability and leadership, which are highly advantageous in various professional contexts.

Tutoring also holds the potential to be an exceptionally fulfilling job, granting students the privilege of positively influencing someone else’s educational journey and aiding them in achieving academic success. 

3. Barista

A part-time position as a barista boasts flexible working hours that can be easily tailored to accommodate a student’s academic commitments, enabling them to effectively manage their work and studies. The role of a barista equips individuals with invaluable customer service and communication skills, which hold universal relevance across a wide array of industries and future career paths, making it a valuable addition to one’s skill set.

Furthermore, working as a barista offers the opportunity to thrive in a fast-paced and dynamic environment, allowing students to hone their multitasking and problem-solving abilities, skills that are highly transferable and sought after in various professional settings. The job also often comes with perks such as complimentary or discounted coffee, which can be a delightful bonus for students who love coffee.

4. Freelance Writer

Freelance writing offers flexible working hours, allowing students to effectively balance their studies and work commitments. This flexibility means they can work on assignments during their free time, fitting them around their class schedule conveniently.

Freelance writing also provides an opportunity for students to enhance their writing skills and gain practical experience in their field of interest. It allows them to explore diverse topics and industries, thereby expanding their knowledge and building a versatile portfolio.

Last but not least, freelance writing offers the potential for extra income, which can be particularly beneficial for students with financial responsibilities or those looking to save for future expenses.

5. Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants can work during their free time, evenings, or weekends, depending on their schedule. The job provides students with an opportunity to gain practical work experience and develop crucial skills, such as communication, organisation and time management. These skills are highly valuable in today’s digital age and can benefit them in various aspects of their lives.

In addition, working as a virtual assistant allows students to work remotely from their own homes, eliminating the need for commuting. This not only saves time but also reduces transportation costs, making it a convenient option for students.

6. Delivery Driver

This job provides an opportunity to earn a decent income, which can be instrumental in covering living expenses and tuition fees. Working as a delivery driver allows students to develop valuable skills such as time management, customer service and problem-solving, all of which are highly transferable and advantageous in various career paths.

Besides, it offers drivers the chance to explore different areas of the city, enhancing their familiarity with local geography and promoting a deeper connection to their surroundings. 

7. Event Staff

Working as event staff offers valuable experience in customer service, teamwork and problem-solving – skills that can significantly enhance a student’s future career prospects.

Event staff often have the opportunity to work at a wide range of exciting and diverse events, creating a dynamic and enjoyable work environment. The role frequently provides competitive pay rates, allowing students to earn extra income while pursuing their studies. In summary, being part of an event staff is an excellent part-time job choice for students in the UK.

8. Fitness Instructor

Students can maintain an active, healthy lifestyle while earning money by working as fitness instructors. This role enables them to incorporate their personal fitness routines into their work and motivate others to adopt healthier lifestyles. Being a fitness instructor also provides opportunities for personal growth and development.

Students can enhance their communication and leadership skills, gain valuable experience in the fitness industry and potentially build a network of clients and professional connections, all of which can benefit their future career prospects.

9. Social Media Manager

This interesting job provides students with valuable skills and experience in digital marketing, a field in high demand in today’s job market. This role allows students to acquire knowledge in content creation, analytics and social media strategy, which can significantly enhance their CV and bolster their future career prospects.

Social media management also keeps students connected with the latest trends and technologies, as they continually engage with various platforms. This job presents a fantastic opportunity for students to not only earn income but also gain practical experience and develop their professional skills in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

10. Data Entry Clerk

Data entry positions often necessitate only basic computer skills, which most students already possess, rendering it an accessible job opportunity.

Additionally, data entry roles can be performed remotely, providing students with the convenience of working from home or any location with internet access. Also, data entry jobs typically do not demand prior work experience or extensive training, making them an ideal entry-level job for students looking to gain practical work experience while supplementing their income.


Working part-time as a student in the UK can be a beneficial experience. It allows students to gain valuable skills, earn extra income and manage their expenses. However, it is important to strike a balance between work and studies to ensure academic success. All in all, part-time work can enhance a student’s overall university experience and provide valuable life lessons.


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