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Founded on the principles of clarity, transparency, and commitment, our goal is to empower you with the knowledge and tools to make the most informed financial decisions. Whether it's investing for your future, saving for a dream holiday, or planning for retirement, we've got you covered. we understand that every financial journey is unique. We celebrate this individuality by providing tailored advice and solutions that align with your personal and financial aspirations. Our wide range of products and money saving techniques cater to diverse needs, ensuring that no matter where you are in your financial journey, we can guide you to the path of prosperity.

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B000231 Unit 4 Tunstall Trade Park Brownhills Road Stoke on Trent ST6 4SE United Kingdom

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Meet The Team

Jamie Geespot


Meet the driving force behind EarnSave, a passionate guitarist and a dedicated money saver who turned his personal financial philosophy into a thriving business. His passion for music might seem a world apart from finance, but the discipline, precision, and creativity that he honed over years of playing the guitar are the same traits that have steered the success of EarnSave. Coming from a background where every penny mattered, our founder understood the importance of saving money and the impact it can have on life's quality.

Ryan Stoffle

Web Designer

A master of both aesthetics and functionality, they have successfully woven the essence of our brand into the digital fabric of our website. Our web designer's deep understanding of user experience and keen attention to detail is evident in every aspect of the website. From the site's easy navigation and clear layout to its engaging visual elements, their expertise shines through. It is their creative vision that has translated the principles of EarnSave - clarity, transparency, and commitment - into a digital reality.

Alistair Snipersdream


At the heart of EarnSave insightful and engaging content is our writer - a passionate wordsmith with an unusual love for goats. Their unique blend of financial knowledge and affable personality infuses each article with both profound insights and a touch of charm. Our writer's passion for financial literacy is second only to their love for goats. They bring the same curiosity and attentiveness to writing about finances as they do to learning about and caring for goats. This results in content that is not only well-researched and insightful, but also relatable and interesting.

Asim Snape


The magic behind EarnSave captivating and imaginative content is our writer - an ardent Harry Potter fan who skillfully intertwines their passion for finance and the wizarding world. Their love for J.K. Rowling's masterpiece shines through in their ability to create engaging, magical, and insightful financial content that leaves our readers spellbound. Much like the intriguing narratives and memorable characters of Harry Potter, our writer crafts financial articles that are both informative and gripping.

Jeana Grace Gago


Our marketer at EarnSave is the secret superstar of our team, making sure our financial wisdom reaches every corner of the globe, including the beautiful islands of the Philippines. They juggle SEO, social media, and email marketing with the skill and grace of a pro balut vendor, turning even the most serious financial topics into catchy, engaging content. Just as a jeepney driver navigates through the colourful and bustling streets of Manila, our marketer manoeuvres through the complex digital landscape, turning heads and grabbing attention.

Jordon Sween

AI Engineer

Born and raised in Melbourne's bustling tech hub, Jordon Sween is the mastermind behind EarnSave's cutting-edge AI functionalities. Graduating with honors in Artificial Intelligence from Monash University, Jordon has since dedicated over a decade to the evolution of AI, making him an invaluable asset to the EarnSave team. Jordon's interest in AI was piqued during his early years at university. . At EarnSave, Jordon has played a pivotal role in designing and refining intelligent systems that empower users to make sound financial decisions.